Jesus paid a debt he didn’t owe

Nick Hasselstrom

In my years as a Christian, a pastor and an evangelist I have realized that the ministry of the Holy Spirit has been overlooked and under emphasized in the church.

Just recently I have come to an understanding of why. You see, the ministry of the Holy Spirit is a “spotlight ministry.” His main job, so to speak, is to put the spotlight on Jesus.

“He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you” (John 16:14). Jesus spoke those words, referring to the Holy Spirit.

When you look at the Washington Monument at night, do you exclaim: “Look at all those great spotlights”? No. You look at the big, beautiful building that they illuminate. That is what a spotlight does.

Too many Christians try to see Jesus through the illumination of their own intellect and sound reasoning. I did that for the first six months that I read the Bible. During that six months I had a lot of “What?” moments.

The Red Sea parted and the Israelites walk across on dry ground. “What?”

They put three boys in a furnace heated up seven times hotter than normal, and they all walked out, not even smelling like smoke. “What?”

Oh, then a teenage virgin would be overcome by the Holy Spirit and give birth to God. “What?”

Jesus walked on water, healed the blind, raised the dead, and then He rose from the grave Himself. “What?”

I tried so hard to believe all of this as I read for those six months, but I just couldn’t. Then, on the night of Feb. 21, 1994, the Holy Spirit came into my heart and put His spotlight on everything I had been reading.

For six months the Bible was just a lot of information, information, information. But on that night, through the spotlight of the Holy Spirit, it became revelation, and that revelation led to transformation.

My life had been transformed by the renewing of my mind, and I have never been the same. It wasn’t my mind that renewed my mind, it was the “spotlight ministry” of the Holy Spirit.

He made Jesus real, and His word infallible. Jesus said: “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life. We can’t live the life of a Christian without the Spotlight Ministry of the Holy Spirit” (John 6:63).

Evangelist Nick Hasselstrom is pastor at ROXY 714 on Main Street in Lewiston, a partner of Cross Tied Ministries.

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