Here’s a chance to study the word of God and grow faith

James Broemmeling

A month or so ago, I was having coffee with a friend I haven’t seen in many years. We had once attended the same church, but life took each of us down a different path.

I learned that he was now divorced and has stepped away from his faith and no longer goes to church. I asked what made him change, and his comment was, “I just don’t believe that stuff anymore.”

“What stuff?” I asked.

“You know, going to church and the stuff in the Bible about God and how the world was created and Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark and all that. I just don’t agree with all that stuff. I think they are just made-up stories.”

He went on to say, “Science has proven the Earth started from a cosmic event, and that man evolved from other animals. Besides, I can’t believe that a loving God allows divorce and all the Earth’s suffering and that some people go to hell when they die. I know lots of people who are really good people that don’t go to church. Church people are just hypocrites.”

I asked, “You seriously believe that? Do you believe the Bible?”

“Parts, but not all.”

“Have you ever read the Bible?”

“Parts, but not all,” he said.

“So what you believe is based on your feelings rather than what God actually says.”

“Well, good to see you Jim, I have to go.”

A few weeks ago, the news made a big deal out of a songwriter who denounced his Christian faith, partially because of the Christian church’s stand against divorce, same-sex marriages, homosexuality, transgender people and other current social issues. I was struck by his comment that his decision was based on his feelings and what he thought was the right thing, rather than what God’s word actually said.

I realized that, like my friend, this songwriter either made a conscious decision not to follow the Bible, never actually read or studied the Bible, or was simply ignorant of what the Bible says about these issues. So the basic question is, “Is the Bible 100 percent true, believable, and actually the word of God, or not? Or do we believe what we think is right and follow our feelings?”

On Tuesday, the Lewis Clark Bible Institute begins its fourth year of classes at the Lewis-Clark State College campus. LCBI is non-denominational and is designed to equip followers of Christ for ministry in the home, workplace and community to share the gospel of Jesus and eternal life. Classes are designed to educate students about the essentials of the Christian faith, what we as Christians MUST believe and how it affects our daily life.

There are four classes being offered this fall semester, including two that I will personally be attending: “The Nature and Attributes of God” and “Christian Ethics.” My goal is to learn more about who God is, what sets him apart from other gods, and the personality and work of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

“Christian Ethics” deals with what the Bible says about current social issues we struggle with in today’s world, and what does the Bible say about those issues. Other classes offered are “Evangelism,” teaching students how to reach a lost world, and “Old Testament Survey No. 2,” taking a journey through the great works of the prophets.

Classes last about an hour, and two are offered Tuesdays and two Thursdays. The cost is $35 per class and they run for 12 weeks. These are college-level classes taught by college-level instructors. (Yes, there is homework and tests.) You can register online at LC Bible Institute.

My personal belief? The Bible is God-breathed, God-inspired and is 100 percent true and accurate in all matters of the faith! Period. (2 Timothy 3: 16-17)

Call or preferrably text me at (509) 295-3703 if you have questions. Challenge yourself to take your faith to a whole new level.

Broemmeling, of Clarkston, is a graduate of the Lewis Clark Bible Institute, and a member of its board of directors, with a certificate in foundational and standard church ministries.

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