This story was published in the Aug. 18, 1920, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.


Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 17. — Unexpected adjournment of the Tennessee house after three hours’ debate prevented final action on suffrage.

Suffrage opponents moved for adjournment until tomorrow on the plea that members should have more time to deliberate. The house fairly seethed with excitement. Efforts to hold the body in session, however, were unavailing and the motion carried, 53 to 44.

Opposition leaders said the vote was a virtually correct indication of sentiment on ratification. The suffragists declared no importance should be attached to it. Final vote tomorrow was regarded as almost certain.

Some members took exception to the presence of scores opposing workers on the floor. A motion that it be cleared brought a protest.

North Carolina Eliminated

Raleigh, N.C., Aug. 17. — North Carolina was eliminated, at least temporarily, today from the fight to ratify the suffrage amendment in time for the women to vote in November. By a vote of 25 to 23 the senate voted to postpone action until the next regular session in 1921.

The blow came as a surprise to suffragist proponents. The postponement resolution went through before they could move to block its adoption. The fight may be renewed tomorrow, however. Suffrage leaders said an attempt to reconsider it might be made.

Anti-suffrage leaders prepared to take quick advantage of their victory. They planned to bring the ratification up under special order in the house tomorrow. “Call it up and kill it right,” was the way Representative Neal, anti-suffrage floor leader, described the plan.

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