This story was published in the Aug. 26, 1920, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.


Washington, D.C. — Anti-suffrage forces received another setback today when Justice Siddons of the District of Columbia supreme court refused to issue a “show cause” order against Secretary of State Colby, preliminary to the issuance of an injunction to restrain him from proclaiming the nineteenth amendment a law. The action was brought by Charles S. Fairchild, an official of the American constitutional league, on behalf of himself and the organization. No further effort would be made to prevent issuance of the proclamation, Alfred B. Smith, attorney for Mr. Fairchild, said.

The official certification of Tennessee’s ratification was expected from Nashville tonight and Secretary Colby indicated he would issue the proclamation as soon as he received this.

The campaign of the anti-suffrage forces now will be directed at an effort to obtain early action in the United States supreme court on the question of the validity of the Tennessee ratification, Mr. Smith announced.

The action of Justice Siddons paralleled, in a measure, that of Justice Bailey of the same court last month, except that Justice Bailey granted a “show cause” order against Secretary Colby in a similar bill filed by the same plaintiffs, but after hearing, declined to issue the injunction on grounds of lack of jurisdiction and insufficient showing. Mr. Smith said he still hoped to obtain a decision before the November elections. If, however, the appeal should be carried to the supreme court it could not be argued until October, with little likelihood that a decision would be reached before election day. In that event, it was pointed out, the women of the country would be legally entitled to vote with the result that should the supreme court later decide against the legality of the Tennessee ratification, the validity of the entire national elections would be questioned.

The anti-suffrage forces are also challenging legality of ratification in Missouri, West Virginia and Ohio.

Wants No Woman’s Party.

Chattanooga, Tenn., Aug. 25. — The women of the nation, now enfranchised, should join with the two great parties and should not attempt to form a party of their own, Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, president of the National American Woman Suffrage association, declared today.

“There is no mortgage on the women’s vote,” she declared, “but they should ally themselves with the existing political parties. I hope they will remain independent in thought and will determine their choice of parties, platforms and candidates after intelligent reflection.”

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