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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

    Washington, D.C. — Anti-suffrage forces received another setback today when Justice Siddons of the District of Columbia supreme court refused to issue a “show cause” order against Secretary of State Colby, preliminary to the issuance of an injunction to restrain him from proclaiming the nineteenth amendment a law.

      The act of the Tennessee legislature in ratifying the equal suffrage amendment has followed the method prescribed by the federal constitution, and in that respect it seems unassailable. But as to whether the Tennessee legislature could, or should, have assumed to act under the requirements of the state constitution is another matter.

        New York, Aug. 25. — Representative women leaders in political organizations here expressed gratification today over the achievements of the women of the United States during the first year of the national enfranchisement. The 19th amendment to the constitution was officially proclaimed August 26, 1920.

          Washington, D.C., Aug. 25. — In nationwide celebration of the tenth anniversary of suffrage, women of America will turn again tomorrow to that 70-year-old pioneer campaigner of the woman’s cause, Carrie Chapman Catt, as chief spokesman.

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