BALTIMORE — A Baltimore worker operating a trash loading machine rescued a severely injured dog after the animal fell 30 feet into a garbage incinerator.

The front-end loader operator noticed something moving among the piles of debris, stopped his machine and jumped into the trash to save what turned out to be a critically injured dog, Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter said in a statement Wednesday.

The dog was taken to the shelter, where veterinarians found he was covered in trash, unable to walk and suffering from multiple cuts and puncture wounds, according to Animal Rescue. The center named him Donut, and he has since been recovering, Bailey Deacon, a spokeswoman for the shelter told the Baltimore Sun.

“When he came into our shelter he was so helpless,” Deacon said. “He just sat on the exam room floor folded over in a little lump. Whenever a hand or face got close to his he just wanted to lick it. ”

Decaon said its unclear whether someone placed the dog into the trash shoot or whether the animal crawled in himself. The animal’s puncture wounds and some other injuries were sustained before the fall, veterinarians said.

Donut remains under emergency care and could require surgery on both of his legs, animal rescue said.