A 64-year-old Nampa woman is charged on suspicion of 30 counts of cruelty to animals after police removed 65 cats from her home and 91 more cats were found dead on the property.

Police cited Jeanette Elliott after Nampa Police Animal Control responded to her home on May 22 in the 16100 block of north Franklin Boulevard, according to a police news release.

Elliott was not home at the time, but officers were concerned for Elliott and the animals. Police returned May 23.

“Due to the conditions inside the residence, it was deemed necessary for the welfare of the animals that all animals inside the residence be immediately removed,” the release stated.

West Valley Humane Society assisted animal control with removing the animals, and everyone involved had to wear protective equipment, according to Nampa Police.

“All cats were in various states of health and age and were seen by a veterinarian and initially treated as able,” according to the press release. “Unfortunately, due to the health of some of the cats, for humane reasons, approximately 30 were humanely put to sleep by a certified technician.”

Residents may make a donation directly to the West Valley shelter to help with the care of the large number of cats, according to the news release.

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