YAKIMA — The Yakima Fire Department and the American Red Cross are sharing tips to keep pets safe during a fire.

Four pets died during two separate house fires Friday and Saturday in Yakima.

Yakima Fire Chief Aaron Markham said in the news release that the top priority during a fire is the safety of the public and fire crews.

Once the public and firefighters are safe, firefighters will try to rescue pets.

Suggestions to keep a pet safe during fires and other disasters:

l Stock a separate disaster supplies kit for pets.

l Owners should arrange for a safe place for pets to stay if they need to leave home.

l Owners should include pets in an escape plan. That plan should include practicing taking pets outside the house and training to come when called.

l Pets should evacuate with a family during a disaster, but a pet should not be rescued if it delays escape or endangers anyone in the home.

l Pets should stay near entrances when people are away from home. Leashes should be easily accessible if firefighters need them.

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