Members of the Lewis-Clark State College community are wondering how Logan Fowler, their marketing and communications director, can say the things he does on Sunday.

But members of the Truth Baptist Church in Lewiston, where Fowler is the pastor, may ask themselves how he can say the things he does the rest of the week.

One of Fowler’s more recent sermons prompted members and supporters of Lewiston’s LGBTQ community to hold a pride event on July 18. In that sermon, Fowler said:

l Acceptance of gay rights leads to pedophilia: “I say this because — ding, ding, ding — we’re seeing a lot of this crazy stuff today, OK? It absolutely is going to go from pride parades and transgender to saying that pedophilia and different forms of it is actually just another form of love. Love is love. It will go from there. It did in Rome. It will in our age.”

l The LGBTQ community is wicked: “I was reading another article about some pride parade and all they do in these pride parades. And it’s so wonderful to bring all these kids to watch all these pride parades and what they do in these parades. It’s complete wickedness. You have the kids watching all of this terribleness. Pretty soon, the kids will be part of the terribleness. If they’re not, they already are in different circles, I’m sure.”

l Transgender athletes will transform the Olympics: “Right now in our world, we have a man, a transgender man, who’s winning the weight-lifting competition, right? The women’s weight-lifting competition. We’ll soon have transgender Olympians in running, in swimming, in wrestling, in basketball. Who knows? Some 7-foot-tall basketball player is going to say he’s a girl and jump on the women’s team.”

l Christians are the victims of hate: “My point is: When soddomites rule, Christians are going to be persecuted and we see the same kind of craziness that you see in (Roman Emperor) Nero’s head and heart, you see in the world today, the same craziness. If Paul were living today, he’d be (saying), ‘Hey guys, watch out. This is exactly what it started looking like when I was in prison.’ ”

If Fowler — or any other employee or student at LCSC — were to say anything like that on campus, someone would file a formal complaint. It would be considered a form of harassment and discipline would follow.

But all you have is a man exercising his First Amendment rights in the privacy of his church on Sunday. Then Monday through Friday, he promotes something entirely different within the LCSC community and elsewhere:

l Diversity — LCSC’s Diversity Commission Action Plan offers this definition: “To foster a sense of community for all ages, economic classes, ethnicities, gender identities, races, religions, sexual orientation and national origin.”

l Tolerance — LCSC’s Office of Equity, Inclusion and Compliance includes this mission statement: “LC State strives to create an environment that supports advancement on the basis of ability and performance. LC State will not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation and will address these allegations pursuant to LC State Policy.”

l Acceptance — Included in virtually every document provided to prospective students — a process Fowler oversees — is this statement: “Lewis-Clark State College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability, gender identity, protected veteran status, or sexual orientation. This policy applies to all programs, services and facilities, including applications, admissions and employment. ...”

From LCSC’s perspective, Fowler is free to be a hypocrite — as long as he’s diligently doing the job Idaho taxpayers and students are paying him to perform. There’s no evidence that he covertly or overtly allows his personal views to frustrate LCSC’s mission of inclusion. To act on mere suspicion would transform him into a martyr for those who wish to dismantle public education, such as the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

But what about the folks who fill Fowler’s pews on Sunday?

Here they have a man who tells them gay people are wicked and that their wickedness will spread to children, to sports and, ultimately, into persecution of Christians.

Yet, according to State Controller Brandon Woolf’s Transparent Idaho website, Fowler collects $81,812 to violate what he says is the word of God during the work week.

In polite society, they call that prostitution.

Those who might avoid a Sunday morning sermon to nurse a hangover and watch “Meet the Press” have a less elegant word for it. — M.T.