America was dedicated to God on April 30, 1789, by President George Washington, Congress and the Supreme Court at St. Paul’s Chapel in New York City, less than 100 yards from Ground Zero. It is also called “The little chapel that stood” after surviving the Twin Towers collapse of 9/11. Israel was dedicated by the Abrahamic Covenant, which initiated the continuing relationship between God and the Jewish people.

Throughout history, his people had periodically lost their way by abandoning the principles for a blessed life in favor of pagan idolatry. Sometimes the Jewish people would respond to the initial removal of God’s protection by repentance during the provided window of time.

After the initial shaking, if there was no repentance, came harbingers of national calamity and coming destruction. Still, they would worship the gods Baal and Molech by offering their living children as burnt sacrifices.

America, in its worship of the culture of death, has sacrificed 63 million pre-born living babies.

When they didn’t use the time wisely, and actually responded in defiance, punishment by invasions and enslavement in Babylon and Egypt followed. The defiance, that man’s efforts alone suffice, without God, is from Isaiah 9:10: “The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with hewn stones; the sycamores are cut down, but we will replace them with cedars.”

This verse was found in the rubble of 9/11.

The numerous occurrences of the date 9/11 in American history from 1609 to 2001, are described in the book and DVDs “The Harbinger ll: The Return” (2020), by repeated New York Times best seller Jonathan Cahn. The shaking of 9/11 was the first harbinger of America’s latest rejection of God, starting with the 1970 New York state abortion law. It was a warning for repentance and a call to return, and a sign of God removing his blessing and protection from America. That day, with trumpets sounding, ancient, prescribed Jewish prayers for 9/11, pleading for God’s mercy were completed just before the attacks began.

The fourth harbinger was after the short-lived period of apparent citizen repentance, humility and return to God, America’s officials responded with defiance, and arrogance. “But we will rebuild” signified the greatness of man. One tower of 1,776 feet, the One World Trade Center, taller than the original Twin Towers was built at Ground Zero. At its dedication on Nov. 3, 2014, President Barack Obama uttered the same words of defiance of the 9:10 prophecy.

The fifth harbinger was a 20 ton rock, quarried from upstate New York, placed at Ground Zero, on July 4, 2004, which the governor of New York stated was done in the “spirit of defiance.”

The sixth harbinger is the prophecy, “the sycamores are cut down,” symbolized the destruction of the nation. Beside St. Paul’s Chapel stood a sycamore tree that was destroyed. The chapel was minimally damaged, perhaps a hopeful sign for America.

The seventh harbinger was “we will replace them with cedars.” They are stronger than sycamores, and planted as a sign of defiance. Despite all possible care, this tree, called the “tree of hope” planted at the chapel, withered and died in August 2014. Withering means judgment of a nation in which morality and spirituality have decayed by driving God out of public life.

The eighth harbinger of prophecy is the vow spoken in the nation’s capital by a national leader, declaring what was still to come. This was on Sept. 12, 2001, by Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. This response was exactly that of ancient Israel to calamity. Daschle, as a government official, by uttering the same Isaiah 9:10 prophecy given to represent the nation’s course, had unwittingly pronounced judgment on America.

After the harbingers is a window given for the nation to repent and return to receive God’s blessing and protection. In America, since 2001, can it be said we have used the window wisely? Indicators that blessings are being removed include: multiple natural disasters, Hurricane Katrina, the continuing drought, especially in the American Southwest with incredibly massive fires, multiple financial crises, exploding national debt producing inflation visible by staggering gas and food prices and vanishing baby formula, civil breakdown manifested by murders, daylight robberies, rapes and drug deaths — especially in Democrat cities — COVID-19, the biblically predicted plague, with the tragic human effects, the continuing murdering of babies and, in New York and California, the proposal to kill even months after live birth, and the planned breakdown of the family unit, civilization’s bulwark.

“So America’s fall from God has not only continued but accelerated and deepened and in virtually every way and realm ... from abandoning the ways of God to increasingly warring against them, from tolerating immorality to brazenly championing it, by indoctrinating its children away from the ways of God, by vilifying those who refuse to join in its apostasy but hold true to the ways of God, by seeking to silence and punish them, by shedding innocent blood, by not only calling evil good and good evil but establishing it, legislating and executing it, by sanctifying the profane and profaning the sacred,” Cahn wrote.

Hopeful signs of ongoing repentance and return of some blessing include: the awakening of parents to the desecration of the physical and spiritual well-being of their children in many school settings, Florida’s standing up to Disney’s woke bullying, the probable overturning of Roe v. Wade with the pagan left again demonstrating its intent to force continued, sanctioned murder and the returning of free speech to the nation’s digital town forum, Twitter, thanks to the resources of Elon Musk, assuming he is sincere, successful and survives.

“The propitious smiles of heaven, can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right,” said George Washington in his 1789 inaugural address.

“If my people ... will humble themselves, pray, turn from their evil ways, ... then I will hear from heaven and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Eggleston, M.D., is a retired ophthalmolgist. His email address is

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