Celebrate Pascha

On April 28, Great Lent ended and Eastern Orthodox Catholic Christians gathered at the Holy Trinity Greek Church in Spokane for the joyful celebration of Pascha (Easter to Westerners). The church was beautiful and the liturgy was inspiring, as always.

We celebrate the liturgy because, for our sins, Christ was sacrificed to redeem us once — for all. He shattered the gates of hell and by his dying, Christ destroyed death. By his rising again, Christ restored life.

At Pascha, we Eastern Orthodox Christians repeat over and over again, with great joy: “Christ is risen. Truly He is risen.” Alleluia.

Danny Radakovich


Sin no more

Danny Radakovich, the garrulous gargoyle, solicited forgiveness. Offered conditional forgiveness — sin no more — he rejected it. A lawyer “sin no more”?

Get real.

He says his friends agree with him. His friends are known by the company they keep — great reference, no?

The word count in his May 5 dud, though, was about a fourth of his usual trainload.

Proud of his plagiarized zinger, Radakovich repeated it — like a parrot.

Later, back at full-throttle, he directed explosions of scattershot logorrhea at Flora Teachman and President Donald Trump.

Get well soon, Mr. Radakovich.

Bridger Barnett


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