What changed?

Apparently, nobody ever died at Life Care Center of Lewiston until COVID-19 came along.

Pepper Rogers


Follow the rules

On Mother’s Day, we got a chance to try out new behavior. My aunt and I were able to spend a long time outside, both wearing masks, and keeping the six-foot distance between us, laughing, talking and just watching and being with one another. She lives in a retirement home here in the valley and has been on lock-down for a long time now. There’s no eating in the dining room. None of the residents are allowed to spend time with one another unless they’re masked and keep at least that six-foot separation.

But there hasn’t been any COVID-19 in the facility due to the hard-working staff, the wisdom of the management and the willingness of the residents to follow rules.

But a family visiting grandmother put that all at risk. No one was wearing a mask, and they spent a long time closer than that six-foot distance. They were a beautiful family. But I sincerely hope that none of them had been near someone at the grocery store, the ATM or gas station cashier who had just recently been infected and was as yet asymptomatic.

You just put a whole facility of people just like your grandmother and the staff at risk. Please, people. Until we have a vaccine, follow rules — especially around people who are more at risk.

Blaine Hopkins


Shows no respect

This letter is in response to Vice President Mike Pence’s refusal to wear a face mask when he was invited to the Mayo Clinic. He was told that everyone entering the clinic was to honor this request. The Mayo Clinic is one of the top clinics in the world and being disrespectful to them is a terrible thing for our country.

Now we hear the president of our country doesn’t respect rules any better than Pence.

He was invited to the Honeywell International plant at Phoenix. The guidelines specified that face masks were to be worn inside the factory at all times, which he failed to do.

Lillian Hay


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