Diversity no virtue

America has historically been a melting pot. People immigrated into our country and embraced American values.

Today, since society is focused on the individual rights, we are told to embrace a new virtue: diversity — diversity of thought, identity, ethnicity and gender. Everywhere we turn, diversity is foisted upon us.

Have you ever paused to consider this supposed virtue?

Taken to the extreme, diversity leads to anarchy.

How does diversity make us a better, stronger nation? Has there ever been an integrated, yet diverse population freely and peacefully coexisting anywhere (perhaps modern Canada — the jury is still out)? The Roman and British empires were essentially built on the oppression of conquered peoples.

Even Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, has stated that multiculturalism is an utter failure and a sham (and she would know).

The ability to peacefully coexist can be accomplished two ways. The first, and my personal preference, is predicated on the commonality of shared values. The other is by fear of an oppressive authority. Consider Yugoslavia under Russia. Then remember the brutality that ensued when Russia left the scene. How has diversity worked in Syria? Is Syria a vibrant, thriving secular paradise?

Diversity breeds distrust. Distrust leads to anarchy, and anarchy demands oppressive authority. Just as with Yugoslavia and Syria, diversity required authoritarian oppression to maintain order.

Is it arrogance or foolishness to believe we can accomplish what’s never succeeded anywhere at any time in human history?

Diversity is not a cultural virtue; it is freedom’s death knell.

Mike Fischer


Guilty again

Mark Lankford is found guilty again and we are told by his attorney he “imagines another appeal.”

Please take a moment and try to visualize the horrific scene where Cheryl Bravance is probably restrained while witnessing her husband, Capt. Robert Bravence, beaten to death with a rock while knowing she is probably next. Bravance was a Marine and not likely to go without a tremendous struggle to protect Cheryl and himself. When I visualize the scene, I become somewhat nauseous and tremble with anger.

Like many of you, I would give almost anything to have been there to help defend against these monsters. Let’s hope for true and final justice for Cheryl and Robert. It is long overdue.

Our criminal justice system, while the best in the world, suffers from a malady, the “courts.” While this is not a lesson in criminal law, I offer a brief explanation of how one of these monsters was tried three times for the same offense.

Any error or misconduct by the principal actors in a criminal trial — police, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, judge or jury — can result in a change of outcome of the trial upon review by an appellate court. Many of these restrictions on the conduct of the trial are inventions of the courts during the years and are not found in the wording of the Constitution. However, they become law, such as the “exclusionary rule,” where evidence is excluded at trial.

Cheryl and Capt. Bravance, wherever you are: “Semper Fidelis.”

Jerry Strahan


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