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Digital age politics encourages rage and passion. Passion is the enemy of analysis. Yearly, each of our 7.6 billion humans use enough energy (per capita) to boil a fair-sized swimming pool (75 million British thermal units). Developed rich countries’ citizens consume about four times this amount annually and have stemmed population growth.

An electric car battery requires more than a half-million pounds of material processing. Constructing one wind turbine requires 45 tons of non-recyclable plastic/composite, 900 tons of steel and 2,500 tons of concrete.

On an output basis, solar requires more steel and concrete. Solar is primarily fabricated by Asia’s coal-dependent grid.

Old-panel solar disposal to meet 2050 Paris Accords will result in more than double the tonnage of all today’s plastic discard.

A Netherlands’ government study concludes: “Renewable energy production is not possible with present-day technologies and annual metal production.”

One lower Snake River dam turbine produces the equivalent energy as a sunny New Mexico solar array of some 400 acres.

Nuclear power can be made safe, compact, transportable, exportable and reliable. Thorium reactors leave little waste.

With Bill Gates’ funding and Harvard science, a Canadian facility extracts atmospheric carbon dioxide and basically yields a clean “gasoline” — a great solution.

Globally, the worst environmental degradation primarily occurs in poverty-stricken regions that lack reliable energy, infrastructure, governance, water, and education. Let’s get going and lead.

Gerald Weitz


Putting ‘others first’

On Sunday, as usual, the Lewiston Tribune printed columnist Sharon Randall’s opinion piece. It demands a place of its own on the Opinion page; it’s that good.

She is a kind, apolitical writer, with a graceful, friendly and easy manner of writing. And this is particularly important in this article, which was about the 18th anniversary of 9/11.

Read it. Feel blessed, gently reminded of the wonder of living in this country and the importance of “others first,” not “me first,” seen rising to the fore when 9/11 occurred. Too much of our commentary is divisive and vicious. Read this column and be reminded that there is kindness to be embraced and shared with our neighbors.

Frances Rotter


What left-leaning media?

Lewiston-Clarkston Valley Trumplicans have been writing letters erroneously complaining about the Lewiston Tribune’s so-called liberal leaning. The myth of the leftist media is a huge lie promoted by President Donald Trump.

TV networks, newspapers and magazines are owned and operated by billionaires and Wall Street corporations with vested interests in promoting conservative values.

Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News, whose commentators are featured guests at Trump rallies. Murdoch also owns the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, Barron’s, SmartMoney, MarketWatch, Financial News, The Guardian and other global media. He’s a Trump supporter who uses his media to further conservative agendas.

Sinclair Broadcast Group owns 193 TV stations, capturing 40 percent of American news viewership. Sinclair forces its news stations to run mandatory pro-Trump propaganda. No other TV stations have compulsory propaganda.

The Washington Examiner, a right-wing newspaper owned by ultra-conservative Philip Anschutz, has been caught running pro-Trump fake news stories.

Other pro-Trump media include Forbes, The Hill, Drudge Report, Investor’s Business Daily, Town Hall, National Review and many others, not to mention dozens of pro-Trump radio shows and hundreds of pro-Trump websites.

Even the Lewiston Tribune leans to the right. All four of the local guest columnists are conservatives. Two have even written racist screeds, one of which was so bad the publisher issued a public apology.

Still, to the Tribune’s credit, it prints letters from all contributors, including brainwashed cult devotees braying about the liberal media.

Paul Oman


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