Dump Trump

Enough. President Donald Trump needs to be removed from office as soon as possible. He is unfit, inept and unqualified, plain and simple.

He is making a mockery of the office. I am embarrassed for our country.

His ridiculous and childish behavior is beneath the dignity of any elected official.

While I do support some of his goals and objectives, his approach to accomplish these goals is scatterbrained at best and illegal at worst. He lacks any civil diplomatic skills. The great negotiator, he is not.

With so many of my fellow citizens unable or unwilling to see this, I deeply worry about the state of our democracy.

A message to the Republican Party: Nominate someone else.

No, I did not vote for Hillary Clinton. I voted for John Kasich in the primary. I did not vote in the general election.

I could not support either candidate.

I vote for a person, not a party.

I would love to have a legitimate, competent third party choice.

Ron Hall


Do what the voters said

Approval of Medicaid expansion by petition and ballot was an overdue gift to the people of Idaho from the people of Idaho — until the Legislature twisted a legally clean, perfectly clear law into a bulky bureaucratic blob.

Why didn’t the Legislature listen to us and act accordingly?

The intent of Proposition 2 and 61 percent of Idaho voters was explicit and emphatic. There are no reasons or benefits to maim it with the ridiculous qualifying sideboards of unwieldy work requirements and ludicrous layers of Republican-red tape documentation. (Isn’t this contrary to the Republican rant of “smaller government”? What’s with that?)

Why would the fiscally righteous Legislature want to continue burdening the Idaho taxpayer with the cost of indigent care?

Now, right now, we Idahoans have another opportunity to express our concerns and override the Legislature’s power-flex attempt to undermine Medicaid expansion. Between now and Sept. 22, please email/mail your comments to Medicaid Program Policy Analyst (Cindy Brock).

Our new Medicaid expansion law needs to be activated as intended.

Shelley Dumas


Apologize to Vicory

I strongly believe that Earl Vicory should have never been told he wasn’t allowed back at the Orofino High School. This is devastating news, considering the amount of time and effort he put into helping all of us kids, generation after generation.

I think he is owed an apology for the terrible treatment he’s received.

He is one of the most amazing men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in my entire life. He helped me figure out how to become a man and allowed me to volunteer my time helping him and giving me life lessons along the way.

I will never be able to thank Earl enough and think he was treated completely unfairly after the countless hours he’s put in on our community. Thank you for taking the time to read something that means an awful lot to me.

Phillip Zweifel


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