Milano’s career came first

Alyssa Milano, the poster child for “MeFirst,” spoke again on abortion recently.

Admitting that she’d had two abortions in 1993, just a few months apart, she describes them as “something I needed — like most health care is. (If I’d had the babies) my life would be completely lacking all its great joys. ... That’s what this fight (pro-abortion) is all about.”

Hmmm. It seems those who are “lacking” are the dead babies, two inconveniences in the career path of Ms. MeFirst.

Frances Rotter


A right, not a privilege

In her letter, Carol Schmidt asks why the government cannot register, license and insure guns in the same way it does motorized vehicles. The answer is that driving a car is a privilege granted by the government. Gun ownership is a constitutionally protected right.

Think about it: If churches had to be licensed by the government, what would happen to the church that preached against the inhumanity of separating immigrant children from their parents? That church would have its license revoked.

What would happen to the newspaper that uncovered waste and fraud in the government? That newspaper would have its license revoked. Freedom of the press and freedom of religion are two constitutionally protected rights, just as gun ownership is.

In fact, the Second Amendment exists to protect the five freedoms listed in the First Amendment from a tyrannical government.

Democracy is a messy business. There are going to be times when one person’s rights collide with another person’s rights.

For example, you can complain publicly about service you received from a merchant. But you cannot say he is running a child prostitution ring without proof.

Gun owners recognize that they cannot carry a weapon into a courtroom or on an airplane. Reasonable regulations can be made to specify situations where our freedoms are restricted. But no law can eliminate those rights — they are protected by the Constitution.

When government seeks to license a right, it is saying it has the power to eliminate that right.

Helen Wootton


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