Wash, rinse, repeat

So let’s see: Mark Lankford has been convicted twice, and twice, he has had those convictions overturned on successful appeals of brutally beating a Texas couple along with his brother, Bryan, in 1983.

Deputy Prosecutor Tyler Powers said in this latest installment of kill, convict, appeal — i.e. wasting tax dollars (wash, rinse, repeat) — that Mark was seeking to leave the “rat race” and his brother was fleeing a probation violation that could have ended with a prison sentence.

What else?

Oh yeah, there were the maxed-out credit cards along the West Coast that the Lankford knuckle draggers made. What did they really buy with those cards ? Gas, beef jerky, Pez candy and for what? Killing two people ? Wow. You two (Mark and Bryan) must have thought so highly of yourselves for what you did.

If this latest trial ends with the same conviction, no defense attorney should ever be allowed to touch this case again. Better yet, seal the vault on these two killers.

Mark and Bryan, you both made a choice to kill and it’s getting boring reading about this whole ordeal.

Let’s see what the Kardashians are up to these days.

Michael T. Uhlenkott


Apologies to Trump

Dear President Donald Trump: Apologies for you being mislabeled as bipolar. You have but one mood — abominable.

Skeptics do not believe you are the chosen one. You are.

Your handler, Vladimir Putin, along with a vast minority of voters chose to install you so that you may test our democracy. You have defiled and adulterated every institution, agency and protocol of decency we have.

Your test has become the apocalypse.

It is clear you have never been happy a day in your life. Apologies for your miserable existence.

There have been moments of joy such as filing bankruptcies, inventing weather, stiffing employees, grabbing vaginas, evicting minorities, caging children, molesting women, a swag bag of treason, inciting violence, stealing from charities and our military and browning your nose in a despot’s ass.

These moments of joy for you are but fleeting.

Sad and hapless, you strive to fleece America but get less help since your henchmen have quit or gone to prison.

You are patient zero and have infected your remaining comrades with incurable cerebral rectumitus. If we survive your occupation, all you will leave is a gold-plated dumpster full of terror and infantile absurdity in a fascist state, just like your bosses in Russia.

So, I have much sorrow for you and so much more for everyone else.

Richard Strongoni


Get involved

The following are comments concerning the Asotin County jail relocation proposal.

Everyone recognizes the need for a new jail. Most people acknowledge that the .03 percent sales tax increase is necessary to help fund it. There are issues that should be discussed and resolved prior to making a final decision about the location of the jail.

We should be very concerned about a jail facility being constructed in close proximity to a residential neighborhood.

There are many issues to be considered and resolved in the process of selecting a jail location. We need citizens to come forward and participate in the development of this proposal.

I have prepared some ideas that further explain and explore options and challenges to consider. If you are interested, contact me at jackworle1@gmail.com and I will email you a copy.

I would encourage everyone to attend the next three town hall meetings — Sept. 25, Oct. 2 and 16 — time and location to be announced. This is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions concerning our community’s future that you will ever be involved in.

Make it a priority to learn more about it. Attend the meetings and comment.

Jack Worle


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