Rick Rogers doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

He obviously knows nothing about the lower Snake River dams’ purpose and construction style. The four dams between Pasco and Lewiston were built to allow river commerce to reach the great seaport of Lewiston. They are “run of the river” style projects with very limited flood control ability.

A 50-year runoff event would flood downtown Lewiston. The Walla Walla District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has never claimed otherwise.

When these dams are operating within the range of full pool, every cubic foot of water that enters the top of the reservoir must be allowed to exit simultaneously or the dams would quickly exceed their capacity and begin increasing discharge.

Dworshak Dam is different.

It has a huge storage capacity to absorb runoff during the spring runoff or flood events. But this ability must be planned for, i.e. by drafting the pool hundreds of feet prior to annual snow melt.

If Rogers is such a scholar, why hasn’t he followed the positive results that have occurred in both the White Salmon and Elwha rivers post dam removal? Mother Nature needs no help in recolonizing both flora and fauna once free-flowing rivers take over.

It only took six months for steelhead and chinook salmon to begin spawning again in the Elwah system.

Diligence indeed, Rick.

Steve Pettit


Your papers, please

Last week, I had a disturbing experience. I was on a Greyhound bus in Spokane, waiting to leave for Lewiston when two uniformed immigration officers walked to the back of the bus and started asking passengers whether they were U.S. citizens.

Everyone said yes, including a young girl who looked Latino and the officers did not question them further.

When the officer got to me, I asked why he was asking me this. He said they were looking for illegal aliens. Apparently, they had taken two people off the bus before I arrived.

I then asked, what if I said I wasn’t a citizen?

He told me they would then ask to see my papers.

Although the officer seemed sheepish and apologetic, the whole incident made me feel like this country was becoming alarmingly reminiscent of the Nazi Germany of my childhood.

Sharon Taylor Hall


Singing LaPierre’s tune

Will, I guess Wayne LaPierre, the National Rifle Association’s executive vice president (who I have read is being questioned for lavishly spending thousands of enrolled NRA membership fees for his benefit), finally got off the toilet (carrying his crap with him) so that he could make sure that the White House and do-nothing Sen. Mitch McConnell remember the tune that he has demanded of them to stay on key.

Now picture this: LaPierre is holding the music director’s baton and is standing in front of the president, do-nothing Mitch and Vice President Mike Pence.

What is the tune, you ask?

No enhancement of the background checks for people buying guns and no changes for anyone waiting to buy a gun.

Of course his three members of this three-ring circus —oh, I’m sorry — these three members of his choir are quick to agree.

And by the way, it just doesn’t seem to matter when his three choir members are ordered to stand, just so one is in front, one is in the middle and one is behind. It is kind of like a sandwich. Make that a bologna sandwich.

Hopefully, these three choir members can all hold hands and do something for the many victims’ families of all of these mass shootings.

Please do something for them and all citizens of America.

Alan Syron


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