Taxes not the answer

I see Reclaim Idaho is going to fund education here by taxing corporations and “the rich” to the tune of $200 million more a year.

That’s a fine idea, except that corporations pass their taxes on to their customers, they move somewhere else or they go out of business.

Think Shopko, Wards, Kmart. Payless Shoes and Sears.

“The rich” hire better accountants or they move to where taxes are lower.

Reclaim Idaho is thinking divide and conquer. But if its initiative goes through, the same people — us in the middle — will bear the burden as usual.

The sales tax in Idaho was sold as the solution to education funding. But as soon as it was enacted, the money was dumped into the general fund to pay for other things.

The real solution is less government and responsible spending, not more taxes.

Lucky Brandt


Really, Tom? On a Sunday?

In response to Tom Hennigan’s editorial diatribe on Sept. 1: OMG. I think he drank too deeply from the Shakespearian goblet of wine. Vocabulary, please.

Maybe his commentary should be moved to another day of the week, not Sunday morning.

I read about some Democrats having failed so profoundly that they joined forces (maybe) with Reclaim Idaho, a sinister group with roots from, of all things, leadership teams that are or have been at one time associated with other states. Like, all of us with a voice in Idaho politics have to be born here. Ugh.

Now we get to the nasty part where the initiative process itself was born in Idaho of populists and progressives in 1912 — shocking news.

The citizen proposed initiative process was passed in 1938. Gee, the necrotized Idaho Democratic Party must have had some sway back then.

It gets worse.

I had to read about “chancres,” “prostitution” and “tricks,” all referring to the Democratic Party on Sunday morning, so Hennigan could palaver his way to legitimate journalism.

Don’t worry about Democrats buying their way to anything in this state. As for the venereal diseases, Tom, it’s because we Democrats get it from the Republicans every time.

Where money and might buy forgiveness, there is none. I said that.

Jacqueline L. Forsmann


Drawn to Trump’s liking

... A recent Lisa Benson cartoon reprinted in the Lewiston Tribune from the Washington Post is drawn directly from Republican talking points to the effect that doing anything at all about global warming and human-caused climate change means liberals want to take away your light bulbs, straws, hamburgers, cars, plus (of all odd things) “your” nuclear power plants.

These are straight-up Koch Brothers and American Legislative Exchange Council talking points, fear-mongering directed at consumers who are being scared into thinking they’ll be starving and sitting in the dark. ...

Benson’s cartoon is revealing, since each item she lists is keyed to a major industrial polluter: oil, automobiles, plastics, agribusiness and industrial meat production ... and dirty electric production, including oil, fracked natural gas and salmon-killing dams. ...

How many of these same industries are major contributors to climate change? Well, all of them, except possibly nuclear power, which only involves the risk of permanently rendering large swaths of our country uninhabitable. ...

Now consider the typical argument of left-tending cartoons.

Mainly, they feature hard-to-dispute representations of demonstrable facts, more or less that President Donald Trump’s a science- and fact-denying pathological liar who’s wrecking our federal government and economy, threatening our civil liberties, allowing the unabated murder of American citizens via gun massacres and stacking the Supreme Court with Republican stooges who wink and nod at gerrymandering and a whole host of other unconstitutional partisan mischief while allowing corporations to enjoy more rights and freedoms than flesh and blood American citizens.

Chris Norden


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