Why wait?

I see now another person was killed out by the Clearwater River Casino and Lodge.

Even though this one wasn’t at the casino, speed was a contributing factor. My question is why should it take $17 million and years down the road to do something about this problem. I’ve seen several letters to the editor, including one I have written. The simplest, least-costly and immediate solution would to greatly reduce the chance of fatalities.

As many — including me — have said: First of all, reduce the speed limit to 35 miles per hour for a half-mile or more before both entrances. Second, put warning signs with flashing lights about speed reduction. Third, enforce these two measures.

It doesn’t take $17 million for an overpass and years down the road.

Do something about it now before more people die.

This is really stupid for whoever is in charge of highway safety to just sit and wait. Wake up.

Leroy Jaques


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