Back then

Looking back, it was not fashionable to be stupid.

Anybody could buy a cake.

It was greedy to have everything all the time.

Political nepotism was for dictators only.

A dick pic was an autographed photo of Dick Clark.

Earphones were mainly for the hearing impaired.

Antibiotics worked.

Laws were enforced.

It was never too hot to fly.

Empirical data was not an opinion.

America’s president had to master object permanence.

Potholes, they didn’t fix them back then, either.

Most of the world respected and admired America.

Molestation was not a requirement for public office.

An alternate fact was a lie.

Americans didn’t like sworn enemies installing our president.

There were books.

Phones were used for the reason they were invented.

No one vacuumed fat out of their belly.

Most families had one car and one TV.

Gluten was just a misspelling of glutton.

Five channels on the TV was too much.

A peanut only killed if you choked on it.

Cars and telephones never spontaneously exploded.

The only unsolicited calls asked if you had Prince Albert in a can.

Not every thing you owned had a clock in it.

No one bleached their anus. What?

There used to be empathy.




Sherlock, he’s not

Conservative columnist Thomas Hennigan is full of hooey. His pretentious attempt at investigative journalism (Sunday Tribune) was silly and stale since his revelations have been transparent information since 2017.

Hennigan, aka Sherlock, believes his undercover defective work has unveiled a sinister threat posed by the grassroots organization, Reclaim Idaho. To wit: exposing a Reclaim Idaho co-founder for doing post-doctoral studies at a (gasp) out-of-state university and naming some Reclaim Idaho functionaries as (oh. the horror) Democrats.

Mr. H. implies that it is improper for Idahoans to seek education opportunities elsewhere, although surely Sherlock, as an “instructional technology administrator” at Lewis-Clark State College, knows that “commuting” can be accomplished online. ...

So, Mr H. asks: What is Reclaim Idaho? ...

Reclaim Idaho is the embodiment of a genuine grassroots organization that embraced the heart of Idaho, established pride of participation and quickly activated Idahoans with the common goal of bypassing a lopsided, indifferent Legislature that consistently refused to represent the will of the people. ...

More important is the question: Who is Reclaim Idaho? I am Reclaim Idaho, Mr. Hennigan, as are the 200-plus Idaho County residents who signed “my” Medicaid expansion petitions. ...

Its success was accomplished on the dime of small donations, with a plateful of homemade cookies, an encouraging smile, hundreds of dedicated volunteers, the small town rallies around the iconic, well-traveled green van. ...

By contrast, Hennigan is a bit player with a sad script. The belch part of his email address says it all.

Shelley Dumas


Protect your rights

This is a letter to inform all tribal members living in Lewis or Idaho counties that they may have their treaty rights violated.

If your property is within the exterior boundaries of the Nez Perce Reservation, I have some information you can use to counter your treaty rights violations. It could save you a lot of money.

Please call me at either (208) 935-7509 or (208) 702-2273. I am hoping to hear from you.

I’ll be moving within the next two weeks. I’ll leave contact information at this phone number, (208) 621-3624.

Let’s not forget, Tribal courts have jurisdiction on the reservation — by law and backed by the federal government.

Kenneth Jones



Give thanks that Clarkston has never had a horrorible event, sink hole or tornado. We live in a place that has a future.

Arthur Johnstone


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