Trump owns this economy

In “Colossus: The Rise and Fall of the American Empire,” Niall Ferguson writes: “In the months after the stock market bubble burst in 1929, it seemed as if the United States would experience nothing more than a conventional recession. Then in 1930 the Republican administration enacted the Smoot-Hawley tariff bill, triggering a global depression.”

The tariff bill raised tariffs up to 50 percent on some 900 imports, throwing a wrench into the global economy and the already weakened U.S. economy, resulting in the Great Depression. Now the king of tweets, twitters and tariffs is following in the footsteps of his Republican predecessors who have given us every major financial crisis of the last 120 years, the Great Depression included.

Of course, through it all, the rich have steadily gotten richer while everyone else has gotten screwed. ...

As usual, the Trumpster is trying to maneuver his fat dumpster heiny away from any culpability for his idiot trade war with China in causing the coming economic crash. ...

Not a single person in his corrupt scumbag administration (to their credit, it must be noted) has sided with Trumpty on his trade war madness, except Steven “Moonlight Munchkin” Mnuchin, who is almost, but not quite, as dumb as the wannabe economist in chief. ...

The responsibility for the trade war and ensuing economic crisis is all on Trump’s corpus delecti. Hopefully the results will be sufficiently dire to provide his brain-dead followers the wake-up call they so desperately need. ...

Marco Munez


Cut and run

In regard to your article, “Time to literally divide Washington?”: If our Asotin County commissioners support the dividing of our state, then they have effectively given up on Asotin County and Washington.

We need strong leadership advocating for Asotin County, not weak and ineffective leaders who want to cut and run. What’s even more laughable is one of the reasons given to divide the state was because the west side calls them names.

Surely our leaders can rise above this divisiveness and work toward uniting us, not dividing us. Also, maybe they can provide some better oversight on the sexual harassment of Asotin County employees.

Richard Hayward II


Trump has no plan

Donald Trump doesn’t have a clue about what a real president of the U.S. should be doing.

Trump does not have a foreign policy plan.

Trump does not have an infrastructure plan.

Trump does not have an education plan.

Trump does not have a housing plan.

Trump does not have a health care plan.

Trump basically does not have a plan for anything.

Trump’s one and only idea was to get Republicans in Congress to pass a tax cut for the millionaires and billionaires. I recall Paul Ryan, then speaker of the House, trying to convince us that it was a middle class tax cut. What a bunch of crap that was. Who do you Trump supporters think is going to have to make up for the money the millionaires and billionaires are not paying in taxes?

The answer is we are — the middle class, working poor and senior citizens.

Trump is shocked that his trade war is not “easy to win” like he said it would be. The farmers are taking the brunt of his trade war. Some of them are going to lose their family farms because he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

We have a president who cares only about how much money he and his family can make from his presidency. That’s the only plan Trump has ever had. It’s all about the dollars in his pocket for Donnie Boy.

Joan Vanhorn


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