Crispy birds

In the 1930s, Adolf Hitler issued radios to every household in Germany.

Today you have the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN and the news media for the last two years screaming: “Russian collusion, Russian collusion.”

Then the Robert Mueller report showed there was no collusion.

Now the media for the last six months has screamed: “Racist, racist.”

I watched Joe Biden in Vermont saying how great it was to be in New Hampshire, talking about its truth over facts.

For the last several years, we have had a severe problem at our southern border and you blame President Donald Trump.

What the hell about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and the Democratic Party?

In a national presidential election, you have the popular vote and you have the Electoral College vote.

Now you have 19 states and District of Columbia that are sanctuary states, which will overrun the popular vote.

Now you blame the president for pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

Global warming? Gov. Jay Inslee approved a 300,000-acre solar farm. When the temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it will be 450 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit above those solar panels.

I hope you like your birds extra crispy.

It can only take a Democrat to screw things up.

Howard Miller


Stands corrected

Jeff L. Wright of Grand Jean, Idaho, corrected my inadequate research for my Sept. 1 column, pointing out that:

“Text of Article III, Idaho Constitution regarding the Initiative power: ‘The people reserve to themselves the power to propose laws, and enact the same at the polls independent of the legislature. This power is known as the initiative, and legal voters may, under such conditions and in such manner as may be provided by acts of the legislature, initiate any desired legislation and cause the same to be submitted to the vote of the people at a general election for their approval or rejection.’ ”

So, initiatives are a right but still exercised “under such conditions and in such manner as may be provided by acts of the legislature.”

I am thankful for the correction and apologize to readers for my error, but still assert that if Idaho is going to reform the initiative process, an independent commission should lead the way.

Thomas A. Hennigan


Go to jail and get sick

When is it enough? When will people step in and stop the corruption and abuse from the staff of Asotin County Jail?

Sick people with severe injuries and people with mental health issues who get with no “real” health care. People being Tazed and strapped in a torture chair. Corruption and cover-ups. People with seizures and diabetes going into shock, being assisted by inmates due to poor staffing.

People forced to sleep on dirty, bug-infested floors, never given proper cleaning materials and forced to sleep in feces and moldy conditions.

I’m one of many victims dealing with the above conditions: a jail built to hold 16, remodeled for 36 and today with nearly 60 inmates.

They had a human being sleeping on blankets because they didn’t have enough mattresses.

People tell staff they are sick or suicidal, but they are left in cells, putting themselves and others at risk.

They do not have our health or rehabilitation in their best interest. There is so much laziness, lies and corruption. They have no “real” care options for us. They pick and choose who needs to be seen one time a week, then tell the others that, with short staff issues, our every need will not be met.

People come here, get bullied and sicker. When will the real treatment start? Where is the real help?

Rocky Hewlett


Forgetting the children

Ages ago, if someone killed a pregnant woman, that person was guilty of two murders, mother and child.

Comes Roe v. Wade, that decision giving women the right to commit murder to rid oneself of unwanted children. Now thousands of babies are aborted, even full term, because “women have a right” to control their bodies. They use Planned Parenthood to commit murder. Fathers have no right to plead for protection of their children. Where are their rights?

Often the Lewiston Tribune mentions children being killed by parents. One mother put her infant in the microwave and turned it on. Another used the range oven and she wasn’t making a beef roast.

Recently I read about a multitude of children, strapped in their car seats, dying in hot cars because parents “forgot” they were there. A suggestion was made for all automakers to install alarms in the back seat of all cars to remind drivers of their helpless riders.

How can a parent “forget” where their children are?

I see drivers in traffic, a cellphone glued to one ear, even texting. Without a break, they leave cars, enter stores, still paying no attention to their surroundings, grocery shopping, texting and pushing buttons all the while. Still on their electronic device, they load groceries and drive away.

So lost in video games, Facebook and Twitter, they have no time to care for babies. They don’t exist in their electronic world.

Flora Teachman


Digs history stories

That was a great front page article on Aug. 31, “Digging up history,” by Eric Barker.

I love those articles about the Pacific Northwest and its rivers’ history.

I always look forward to “From the Pulpit” by the area pastors as well.

Darlene Plant


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