Fake news

I am sure that by press time Wednesday, the whistleblower news was known to be wrong.

So the front page story was just to continue bashing President Donald Trump.

I know I knew it was a false story by 6 p.m.

Surely your sources had the news by then.

Marie Eier


Death by GMO

The Food and Drug Administration has committed national genocide by sleeping with the giant agribusinesses through bribery, extortion and fraud.

The FDA gave these businesses the right to genetically modify any foods, produce, etc., and they are protected by law without revealing which of these foods and products use genetically modified organism (GMO) or to what extent if any they are or may become toxic.

It is not President Donald Trump’s tariffs with China that are causing prices to spike.

Hardly any countries will buy our GMO’d products. And there is such giant surplus of all these products that to sell one pound of a GMO product, they have to trash 10 or more pounds of that product. That jacks the one pound price up.

A 3 billion decline of birds in the northwestern United States and they never mentioned starlings or the honey bees. The miners used canaries.

Are the birds giving us a forewarning? They can’t survive on GMO’d food.

How long after they are gone will it be our turn?

Pollen brings its genetics into the atmosphere and from there to whatever it pollinates, some form of GMO has to come into existence.

The jet streams will eventually spread GMOs worldwide.

If you are allergic to some GMO’d food, try to find a non-GMO’d type of that food. Good luck.

Ben Seubert


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