No mercy

The far-left radical party wants to send us all back to the caveman days. The only problem is: The far-left radical party will have walls, guns, private jets, cellphones and stolen money.

They, the far-left radical party, show no mercy for murder — in and out of the womb; no mercy for thousands of innocent people being slaughtered in Chicago, no mercy for thousands of people dying at the hands of illegal drug smugglers and certainly no mercy for the homeless.

Many of our forefathers who built this great country must be rolling over in their graves. How disgusting and hateful this group has become.

Shame on all of you for your destructive ways.

May we have peace, liberty and justice for all.

God bless the USA, our president, our military and, most of all, our police officers.

Marge Lunders


Found story alarming

I am alarmed by the article titled “Making Moscow more” in the Sept. 15 edition of the Lewiston Tribune.

Andrew Crapuchettes, CEO of Emsi, a growing company in Moscow, was the subject of the article.

While economic growth is needed for any community to prosper, what is revealing in the article is Crapuchettes’ strong ties to Christ Church and his as well as New St. Andrew’s College acquiring many downtown properties.

The article states that Christ Church’s mission statement includes a desire to “make Moscow a Christian town.”

Moscow, a university town with a diverse population, should be a welcoming community for all faiths and beliefs. Christ Church’s goal promotes division and excludes our many friends of whatever faiths, including Jewish, Muslim, atheists or anyone besides Christians, as defined by Christ Church.

Moscow should not be defined by any religion and certainly not owned nor controlled by any church. Other denominations and many businesses promote their employees and congregations to become involved in the community by volunteering to help those in need, such as helping the homeless, the hungry or those suffering from mental health issues or addiction.

Nowhere did I read that Crapuchettes promotes those efforts by his employees nor in Christ Church, where he serves as an elder. Joining some of these efforts might establish some good will toward the Moscow community.

I want to live in a diverse community, a welcoming community, a good neighbor community and this is not the attitude I see presented here.

Linda Pike


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