Another summer ruined

I cannot help but feel as though a special place is being taken from all of us each summer by the U.S. Forest Service. That place is the upper North Fork of the Clearwater River. It is without a doubt the most beautiful and spiritual place in Idaho. The vistas, the fun and adventures with the companionship of good friends and family may never happen again for me.

Each summer, the Forest Service seemingly refuses to grade its roads and maintain the trails. The lack of maintenance has resulted in deteriorated roads and trails, to the point that they are dangerous to travelers and damaging to your vehicles. This has prevented many people from enjoying special times and making memories on the river.

Driving to the river should not be a risk to your safety or damaging to your vehicle.

The Forest Service says its does not have the funds to repair and maintain the road. Logically, you would think knowing how many people like to access the area, it would budget accordingly. Apparently, logic doesn’t enter in to the equation.

The North Fork is public land and should be open and accessible for all to enjoy in a safe and responsible manner. ...

I urge everyone who cherishes our public land access to write or call your local Forest Service and demand action. These are your tax dollars. The longer the roads and trails are in disrepair, the more it will cost to repair them. ...

John Erbst


Heating up

President Donald Trump’s narcissistic behavior is a threat to humanity as a result of his unwillingness to accept the scientific reality of climate change. NBC has obtained a document that shows the Trump administration had a report that climate change was causing a drought in Latin America that resulted in crop failures and starvation, which caused a migration of people from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. ...

The World Meteorological Organization Statement on the State of the Global Climate in 2018 stated the average global temperature reached approximately 1 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s 2018 report card on the state of the arctic average mean annual land surface air temperate was 1.70 degrees Celsius above the record started in 1900.

Russia has recently published a report on the climate change titled “A Report on Climate Features on the Territory of the Russian Federation in 2018.” Google it.

The report stated, “In the territory of the Russian Federation, as a whole, warming continues throughout the year and in all seasons, the rate of which is much higher than the average for the globe.” The warming continues throughout the year.

In 2018 in the arctic, the average annual temperature was 2.5 degrees Celsius above the norm. In eastern Siberia, the Chuktka region, it was 3.90 degrees Celsius above average.

The high Arctic temperatures are causing the permafrost to thaw. Not all permafrost is the same. It differs in ice content. To view, go to Google for “images of yedoma.”

Tom Fellows


Supports e-bike ban

To the Army Corps of Engineers: Thank you for banning the use of e-bikes on the levee. E-bikes provide speeds in excess of 20 mph and that is far too fast when the bikes are in close proximity to walkers.

I walk my dog on the levee every day and I find some bicyclists to be a menace, mainly because they give no warning when they ride up behind me.

My request to all bicyclists: Please get a bell for your bike and give walkers plenty of warning.

In the meantime, yell loudly: “On your left.”

Jeanie Stanton


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