Port’s ad misleading

On Sept. 1, the Port of Lewiston posted an ad with a great photograph of a fishing boat in a fabulous confluence sunset.

It was beautiful.

Thank you, Port of Lewiston.

The port’s headline, “Smarter Recovery by us,” was sadly misleading. Perhaps it was supposed to convince the reader the port is interested in salmon recovery.

The port does many good things, but strict honesty isn’t in its list of virtues. If strictly honest, the port’s headline might have read: “Clever manipulation of statistics by us.”

The port’s ad evokes in me the old adage: “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool everyone all of the time.”

I like your idea that shopping and spending locally is wise. Stick with “wise” and leave the clever pretend universe to the film industry.

Steven Evans


Toughen up

I see from the Lewiston Tribune someone named Roy Dotson was relieved that he had not heard “whining and hissing and moaning about conservatives” from various people, including me.

I have never written about Dotson. He does not know me, so he is just barking at the moon.

I do find it fascinating, however, that people who believe they know it all have such thin skins. They need to toughen up a bit.

The simple fact is that the Trumpers can dish it out but they just can’t take it. ...

While I am writing, though, let me mention President Donald Trump’s latest bizarre action which, although appearing to be a small thing, is actually very indicative and serious. When Hurricane Dorian was bearing down, Trump announced that Alabama was in danger when, in fact, the weather people had clearly nixed that idea.

Instead of acting like a normal person by making a joke out of it and saying that he had made a mistake, Trump had to double down and someone, I suspect him, actually took a Sharpie and doctored the map to make it look like Alabama actually was threatened. This apparently small thing is actually a big thing because it is indicative of Trump’s character, i.e., that he is unwilling to ever admit fault. He is a narcissist on a grand scale. ...

While Trump likes to call himself the “chosen one,” the clear fact is that he can’t hold a candle to Jesus Christ. ...

Danny Radakovich


It’s not him

Recently a letter written by Jake Wren (Sept. 9) was brought to my attention. It had to be shown to me because I haven’t gotten the Lewiston Tribune for a year now.

No one should. With the lies, hatred, and racism spread by writers such as Eugene Robinson and many more, one must keep in mind that their subscription price helps pay the liars who are published in the Tribune.

I was saddened to see Wren’s letter. It appears that Wren is of the belief that I am the one sending him anonymous letters with the letter “O” in the left hand corner of the envelope.

I assure you, Jake, it isn’t me. I started receiving “O’s” crapola in October of 2018 when he/she revealed their prejudice against the LGBTQ+ community when he/she mockingly and hatefully accused me of being gay.

Given the content of “O’s” ignorant shuffle-bull, one would have thought that if I were, it would be a good thing.

I have given to charities anonymously. But I believe the anonymous tactics employed by “O” when sending his/her nonsense is chicken crap. Therefore, any correspondence from me will always have my name and address in plain sight.

Kevin O. Thomason


Feeling better

I feel better now knowing others are sick of “know it all” privileged Danny Radakovich .

He insults a woman’s intelligence and men’s, too, I guess.

I am not alone as the newspaper has made me feel for many, many years.

Judy Skabo


In praise of Vicory

Earl Vicory has been one of the top people I have ever looked up to.

He has worked harder than any person I have ever seen. That being said, he also does that all as a volunteer. In itself, that is one of the most respectful things a person can do. Especially for Orofino High School and for all of its kids. Orofino High School relies on Earl because you can’t even hire a person to do as much as he has done.

Coltan Jensen

Montrose, Colo.

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