Speaking up

Danny Radakovitch and those earlier mentioned: Yes, once in several weeks I jot down a small opinion regarding, usually, taxation, government waste of taxes and government bleeding the public for money for more projects that they think of but are not funded.

I served my country for 11½ years, traveled Europe extensively for 7½ years and lived in those cultures with the locals.

I traveled the U.S., from Sault Ste. Marie, Canada to Maine to Louisiana, from New York to California, from Alaska through Canada and to Mexico.

I served in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where the average snowfall was 159 inches per year and in Arizona, where temperatures reached 120 degrees or more. My ancestors, male and female, have served this country since the Civil War and I cannot prove it but probably the Revolutionary War — and my family still serves.

No, I am not college educated, but I do have the right to express my opinion.

My question to you and others: What have you served except your own self interests?

You are college educated, I would bet, which was paid for by your papa or others. Now you think that you have the exclusive right to spew your snowflake B.S.

Rave on, I will not respond.

Roy Dotson


Beyond humanity’s control

The following quote is from Major Fenn’s Country, a U.S. Forest Service publication written by Neal Parsell about 1986:

“Ten thousand years ago, the weather in north central Idaho was wet and cold. For hundreds of years at a time, the summers were not warm enough to melt all the snow that fell during the winters.

“Individual valley glaciers were common in the Lochsa-Selway country. They advanced and receded in response to temperature and precipitation.

“The climate gradually became warm and dry — warmer and dryer than it is now. The glaciers disappeared.

“Then, about 4,000 years ago, cool and wet conditions returned, accompanied by more glaciations at higher elevations.

“These glaciers also melted as temperatures warmed into the climate of today.”

No computer model of climate change has been able to predict 10,000 years of weather.

The Earth is still coming out of an inter-glacial period from about 12,000 years ago and Earth’s temperature has been going up and down but overall going up, which releases carbon dioxide from warming oceans.

The Earth has been alternating between long ice ages and shorter glacial/inter-glacial periods for around 2.6 million years.

However, for the sake of argument, let us assume human-caused climate change is a reality.

The question then presents itself is what proof makes people think that men and women can now change the weather of the entire Earth, no matter how high of a carbon tax was assessed?

Jim Emmert


GOP has become corrupt

It’s now undebatable that the GOP has fully embraced corruption and dishonesty. Fox News has taught the gullible that refusing to accept reality and refusing to be honest about anything is the way to win the day.

America has always stood for more and better than what the GOP is offering.

Our deficit is now over $1 trillion.

We are kidnapping kids and putting them in kennels.

We are refusing to help the tragically ill seeking medical attention in the U.S.

Republicans are claiming Nazis marching with tiki torches, chanting “Jews will not replace us” are very fine people.

They’ve seated a documented sex offender on the U.S. Supreme Court, made it easier for the mentally ill to get an assault rifle, repealed clean air and water regulations, worked with Russia to rig our elections and just flat-out lie about everything.

Sadly, this isn’t even close to an exhaustive list of the atrocities today’s GOP has defecated onto this world.

As we go forward, it’s past time to take a close look at what one of our major political parties inarguably stands for — unfettered corruption and self-dealing.

Today’s GOP is doing its level best to destroy democracy in America.

And Republicans are doing it to get revenge because we elected a black man, twice. Not only that, but the black man showed the old, geriatric white guys what it means to be successful, honorable and beloved.

Come to think of it, that’s probably what’s got the idiots permanently pissed off.

Brian Rhoades


Just wait

Ron Hall, if you think life is rough with President Donald Trump, wait until one of those Democrat buffoons gets in and we have socialism.

I don’t have any idea how old you are, but you better start reading some history books on the subject.

To enumerate all of the reasons to not vote Democratic would take more than this whole newspaper, including the classified section.

That goes for all Democratic voters.

Sandie Daeges


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