Bad show

I feel the same way about Nathan Alford throwing Mike Lukovich under the bus over his “waiting for the cops” cartoon as I did when he stuck his knife in Rick Rogers’ back: Bad show, Nathan.

Alford should consider that the Opinion page is awash with cartoonish contributions that can do far more damage.

Case in point, the Aug. 31 guest editorial from the Everett Herald proclaiming that face masks and social distancing are working, as evidenced by a recent decline in new cases in Snohomish county.

The claim comes from the county’s “top health official” but there is no evidence of mask use and social distancing data being tracked in the editorial or the article that inspired it:

Admittedly those are difficult data to gather but without it you can’t show correlation between masks, social distancing and the number of new cases.

The Herald should have pressed county officials on that point and the Tribune shouldn’t have parroted the unsupported claim just because its editorial position is pro-mask mandates.

The Lukovich cartoon hurt feelings but the fallacious appeal to authority in the editorial can negatively impact our liberty, our well-being, even our very lives.

Unsupported statements and hasty reporting are the plague rats of our national malaise over this worldwide malady.

The Lewiston Tribune needs to realize that journalism’s standard operating procedure on supportive sourcing is inadequate for this emergency and adopt stricter standards.

Doing anything else is miseducating the public.

Thomas A. Hennigan


Unexpected gift

In these stay-at-home COVID-19 times, we’re enjoying the wildlife in our backyard more than ever. In particular, we love the lesser American gold finches — tiny olive-breasted birds with barred wings. Relative newcomers to our region, they’re probably harbingers of climate change. Many migratory birds’ ranges are moving northward to cooler climates.

While we accept them as an unexpected gift, we must also accept the downside of steadily rising temperatures and erratic weather patterns, from the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley to the planet. Scientists project that even as greenhouse gas emissions decline, temperatures will continue to rise, due to the “lag effect.” Increases of 3.7 degrees by mid-century and 5 degrees by late century are projected in the 2017 Fourth National Climate Assessment. ...

Remember, this is with reduced greenhouse gases. Without reductions, the numbers are much higher. Imagine the impact on forests, agriculture, insect pests, air pollution and, of course, our health. We can’t just accept these impacts.

Following November’s elections, Congress will set its agenda for the coming year even before new members are sworn in — whatever the results of the election. Now’s the time to find out how your members of Congress view climate change, and to let them know you expect them to support action to protect our future climate.

The bipartisan Citizens’ Climate Lobby (, with local chapters, can help you learn about powerful climate change legislation that is pending — legislation that won’t add to the national debt — and can help you make your voice heard.

Mary DuPree


One more suggestion

I would like to thank Skip Brandt for his Sept. 2 letter.

Letters like this are the slim thread that keep me a subscriber. If the Alfords want to speak to valley readers, I suggest a new editor from the Epoch Times.

Imagine the thoughts of people fleeing the left coast to Idaho when they pick up a Lewiston Tribune and see the same crap they thought they had left behind.

Jim Maves


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