A real newspaper

Several recent letters to the editor have implored you to become a more right-leaning newspaper for real Americans. Although I have been offended by some of your political cartoons, letters and commentary, I don’t know what could be more American than honoring the Constitution’s First Amendment’s protection for freedom of the press. My dad, an historian, taught me at an early age a quote from Evelyn Beatrice Hall: “I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

For me, one of the gravest dangers in our society is when people are so rigid in their own thoughts they can’t comprehend why others may believe differently and have no interest in finding out. A real American newspaper should provoke people to think, debate, even get angry and hopefully question their own beliefs.

Political cartoonists have mocked U.S. presidents and other politicians for centuries and that’s not likely to change. Elected officials work for the people, not the other way around. People have a right to question both their motives and actions.

I question whether those who are asking you to move to the right in the Lewiston Tribune actually want a newspaper or merely a reflection of their own thoughts and beliefs.

Thank you for being a real newspaper for real Americans by striving to follow journalistic standards. You don’t always get it right and sometimes apologize for cartoons or opinions and print retractions when you get the facts wrong.

Norma Staaf


Build immunity

Concerning the spread of COVID-19 — if everyone would take 2,000 mg of Vitamin C ascorbic acid everyday — to give them a good immune system — and wear masks, they would be able to do more about stopping this virus.

Too many people have no or poor immune systems to fight off diseases,. including viruses

William Teal


Risch not helping

... Sen. Jim Risch’s latest proposal does nothing to meet the challenges of rural Idahoans and our other rural Western communities.

He offers the tired old framework that has failed in the past. The all-encompassing Clearwater Basin Collaborative has been an abysmal failure and has not met for over a year; and his only solution is to offer more legislation that will only bring more of the same results.

There really are only two solutions to the challenges we face. We either return to the proper stewardship of our natural resources or fully fund Payment in Lieu of Taxes, which is the equivalent of paying taxes on the land base of public lands within a county. Some estimates of the real value of the public lands within Idaho County would place the proper funding of PILT payments between $16 million and $24 million.

There is no vision in the legislation he proposes, just more insanity, more lawsuits, the continued loss of resources to catastrophic wildfires and the unceasing degradation of our rural communities. ...

The senator’s current actions are meaningless in solving the challenges we face.

Like the pardoning of Alice Johnson for the injustice of her life sentence for a non-violent drug crime, I can’t help but wonder that if President Donald Trump knew of the injustices our Western rural communities have faced at the hands of debauched legislation, he would take action to remedy the situation. Why doesn’t the senator bring this before the president?

Jim Chmelik


Answered the call

One of the comments made by some of the participants in the recent march by Black people really resonated with me.

“We love America” really hit home just like I do.

When I was drafted into the Army, I thought I was going to be a medic. In reading some of the textbooks (abdominal wounds), I noticed the pictured included a fair number of Black soldiers who also died from their wounds. When Uncle Sam called, these guys answered the call.

Could this be an example of one’s love for country?

Philip Mohan


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