Get vaccinated

There’s a lot of misinformation continually being spread around our country from the ill-informed and just plain goofballs like the Mr. Pillow guy and so called Ohio Dr. Sherri Tenpenny that it’s gone extreme, reaching the level of being subversive and treasonous to our freedom.

I was almost stunned to hear former President Donald Trump being booed at a rally in Alabama for stating the vaccines are safe and people should get vaccinated now. The only valid reason individuals might have for not being vaccinated is a verified medical concern.

Here we are going through more infectious waves of COVID-19 and our medical teams of doctors and nurses are overworked, stressed and being driven physically and mentally into the ground while trying to provide medical care. All of this is because of high number of unvaccinated strolling around like there’s nothing to the virus. Yet they run to the hospital begging for help because they are most likely dying.

We were getting so close to getting some normality and freedom in our lives just a couple of months ago. Now look were we are, starring down the double barrel of a deadly virus. It’s unconcerned if it’s you, your grandparents, parents and children. We’ve tried educating with medical and research facts, bribery and monetary rewards. And there’s little progress in getting safe.

Most of us adults had multiple vaccinations growing up and while in the military. It was plain common sense to be protected. Get off your butt. Get vaccinated.

Mike Petrusky


Stifling free speech

A whistleblower told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the National Security Agency spied on him. His cellphone messages, texts and emails were been recorded and leaked to journalists.

Then the website Axios (they have a manifesto), printed Carlson’s transmissions.

The nation’s top electronic spy agency denied the allegation, tweeting: “We target foreign powers to generate insights on foreign activities. ... ”

Carlson is a domestic power who should be watched at 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, on Fox News.

A few weeks later, the NSA admitted monitoring Carlson and his show, and leaking his communications to the news media.

However, it is more probable that someone in the Biden junta “unmasked” Tucker to smear and get his show canceled.

The leak connects to the fact that Carlson was communicating with U.S.-based Kremlin intermediaries about arranging an interview with Vladimir Putin.

Oh, we understand now.

Democrats are once again going to the well to try to frame Carlson with a “Russia connection.”

What motivates Democrats to become so extreme (and lawless) in stifling free speech?

The answer: Neither dictators nor communists will allow individual freedom of any kind. The Chinese Communist Party allows absolutely no democracy, dissent or questions regarding its totalitarianism.

The KGB was the deadly security agency for the old Soviet Union.

The SS was the black soul of the Nazis.

The Ministry of State Security is the secret police of Communist China.

However, American communist Democrats are using the entire federal government to take away our freedoms.

Jim Emmert