Oust the ‘Terrible Ten’

Idahoans have been saddled with the Terrible Ten: Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, Reps. Priscilla Giddings, R-White Bird, Chad Christensen, R-Iona, Tammy Nichols, R-Middleton, Ron Nate, R-Rexburg, Karey Hanks, R-St. Anthony, Heather Scott, R-Blanchard, Dorothy Moon, R-Stanley, and Tony Wisniewski, R-Post Falls, as well as Sen. Christy Zito, R- Hammett. These are elected officials gone rogue.

They vehemently embrace the Constitution except when disregarding anything they find disagreeable. Thankfully, cherry-picking individual preferences will not be tolerated.

McGeachin and her crew tout inalienable rights and Christian values, then hawk biased principles and curse masks, physical distancing, vaccines or COVID-19 testing as unconstitutional.

They show blatant disregard for others’ rights and the greatest commandment: “Love thy Lord and thy neighbor as thyself.” The Terrible Ten feign to abhor sectarianism, then spread their own distasteful brand through aggressive actions, increasing political and cultural conflicts that are brewing between their ultra-conservative minority faction and Idaho’s majority.

Refuse to succumb to mob rule instigated by the hypocrisy of the Terrible Ten. These are faux conservatives espousing undying love for the Constitution, yet fail to abide by it with their political grandstanding.

Come election time, send a clear message — you are fed up. Defend our republic and safeguard our state by voting the Terrible Ten out of office.

Jolene Heinze


Trump served his purpose

Former President Donald Trump entertainingly destroyed the conservative base and turned it into a reactionary populist movement that left us with such feckless turncoats as the turtle from Kentucky and the cream puff from South Carolina.

Of course, the media loves those chumps; they’re made of mush. But the media really loves the ratings from that big old Mr. Trump, the man who brought us Anthony Fauci and Bill Barr.

Yet the most impressive thing he was able to do in his first term was mold the progressive base, which had been suspicious of media and Big Pharma, into valiant foot soldiers for the new empire.

Attraction and repulsion are the unconscious sentiments of the crowd. Repulsion causes a much stronger impulse than attraction. So when you see the love flood in with all of those attracted to Trump, remember that the polarized sentiments of the left are far greater and have moved them further from their base than those on the right —and righteously so.

Bringing Trump back into the public sphere may end this country. As disgusted as people are with President Joe Biden, I don’t think he has the charisma to repulse his opposition in the same manner. He’s far too depressing to motivate anyone.

It makes me think Trump might have been brought to you by the Clintonite liberals to destroy the problematic conservative opposition that might have given enough push back to stop the selling out of our country.

If so, he performed well.

Chris Rousseau