Successful con man

Cindy Agidius did not mention any accomplishments in her commentary titled “Look past Trump’s rhetoric to his accomplishments.” I thought about what he’s accomplished and could only think of negative accomplishments, way too numerous to include all here. Here are a couple:

l He signed a tax cut crafted by wealthy people for wealthy people. The negatives, in addition to who received by far the biggest share, is the tax cut has proven not to pay for itself as it was supposed to. The government has to borrow to pay for it. Is this a budget-busting conservative?

l  His policies, if you can call them that, accomplished increasing the trade deficit. He added tariffs to the cost of the goods that we pay for. A side accomplishment was to significantly harm farmers by cutting off markets. To keep the farmers from going broke, he gave them many billions in subsidies. That sounds very socialist but we do need farmers. They feed us.

The accomplishment he will be best known for will be world’s greatest con man. He has conned decent people like Agidius into holding her nose and to promote voting for his ignorant, dishonest, corrupt, lying, unprincipled self.

When I lived in New York in the mid-1980s, Donald Trump was known as a self-promoting con man. I have to admit, he has accomplished a lot since then — for himself.

I do agree with her that people should educate themselves and vote.

Tom Bode


Harvest justice

... Do we vote for liars, leakers and cheaters or freedom, faith and family?

Looks like a no-brainer for me. ...

To all the mayors and governors allowing this destruction: You don’t deserve a paycheck. You took an oath of office to serve and protect. Right now in one state alone the cost for destructive, peaceful protesters is above $1 billion. Who pays for that?

President Donald Trump’s supporters have many adjectives being thrown at them in this big election year and it’s just a remembrance of being in grade school. “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us. ...”

Get out and make your vote count. Rules and dates vary by state, so contact your election board to confirm. Find links at We all want to make sure that the votes counted are legal and post marked by Election Day. Let’s have no more boxes of ballots found in a warehouse one month after the election, no more deceased people’s ballots being counted, no more illegal voting and no more cat or dog votes allowed.

Joe Biden has more than 240 lawyers already geared up to contest the outcome of the election. Hillary Clinton has said multiple times to Biden: “Do not concede, no matter what.” Biden has said he will call in armed forces to remove Trump from the White House. ...

Let us all be peace makers, plant seeds of peace and harvest justice for everyone. ...

Marge Lunders


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