Killing Lewiston’s lawns

I truly appreciate the difficult job our Lewiston city officials do, but I must express my concern about the 5.25 percent water rate increase scheduled to start Oct. 1.

There are already so many people in Lewiston who don’t water their lawns because they can’t afford the already high water rate. Those lawns die and weeds take over, which makes for rundown and unsightly neighborhoods. This lack of care contributes to other social problems in the area.

Research was done many years ago by leaving a fully equipped and functioning car parked on a street for several weeks with no problems. But as soon as one tire was flattened (for the sake of the research), the car was vandalized repeatedly.

That phenomenon can be seen in Lewiston by just driving around. Plus, we have no incentive or reward recognition programs for yard or neighborhood beautification.

It is understandable with the heat wave of this summer that we would water more and have a larger bill. But to increase that in the future by 5.25 percent is too much. Our bill during the 13 years we have lived here has nearly doubled and we water the same amount of area.

Is it correct that Bryden Canyon Golf Course does not pay a water fee? Is that justified? Please make it easier, not more difficult for Lewiston citizens to keep their properties watered and looking decent.

Susan Scully


Take the wheel, Joe

It seems Idaho Gov. Brad Little has decided to let President Joe Biden take the wheel regarding COVID-19 and then complain about the music for the rest of the trip. I remember when Idaho elected leaders. Let’s get back to that.

Brian Kolstad


Not a difficult choice

So a guy breaks down along the highway. His radiator has boiled over.

Two fellows stop to help.

One is a certified mechanic with a lifetime experience working on radiators. He offers to fill the radiator with Society of Automotive Engineers-certified coolant. The offer is free, a goodwill gesture.

The other guy has an internet podcast program. He tells the stranded driver: “Do you really trust that SAE stuff? I have a mixture of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and bleach that is very popular online. Put it in your radiator and in your gas tank. And it will fix everything. I’ll sell it to you for 20 bucks.”

The driver thinks: “OK,, one guy’s a certified mechanic. But the other guy has a popular podcast. Hmmm.”

What seems like a no-brainer becomes a difficult decision — if you have no brain.

Mike Ruskovich


Who’s qualified to be mayor?

While I will be voting yes on Prop. 1, we still need to know about the potential mayoral candidates and what their qualifications are to be mayor.

I like to hear from the three candidates on what experience they bring to the table to lead a city with 250-plus employees and a budget of more than $100 million. What do they know about wastewater, water distribution, transportation infrastructure and parks and recreation?

This election is about way more than vaccines, masks and guns.

If we are to vote for a qualified person, we deserve to hear from them.

Jeff Hagemann