What about the airport?

Cheers to everyone who wrote in regarding Mike Luckovich’s cartoon. Now if people could get as excited about the local airport. Kudos to Robin Turner. What is really going on there?

Inez Anderson


Precedent set

In February, the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport Authority board created the Air Service Development Committee. Have they ever been to an authority board meeting to present a report? No.

Did they attend the special meeting to hire an air service consultant and give their recommendation? Nope. We just have to take the chairman’s word that he consulted the committee and “they” recommended contracting with Ark Star Group.

In 2018, airport authority board Chairman Gary Peters insisted the airport use ADK to assist in finding both an interim and permanent airport manager. Enter Bill McKown, the man who in February made a $500 campaign contribution to Doug Havens while still employed by the airport.

It’s no secret that Chairman Peters has a passion for antique aircraft. It’s also no secret that the building currently occupied by Stout Flying Service is of historical significance. So the authority board accuses Stout Flying Service of placing Federal Aviation Administration grant assurances in jeopardy to justify terminating the lease. But wait — Peters and his nonprofit community museum, along with the airport manager placed two of these grant assurances in jeopardy and violated the authority board’s own airport rules and regulations.

Is the lease for this tenant being considered for termination? After all, the authority board set the precedent. My guess is this is one tough decision that this board will shy away from.

Robert Spenser


Butt out, Skip

I see that Skip Brandt has written a letter to the editor suggesting that the Lewiston Tribune be converted into an ultra-right-wing rag and that the “liberal” information be printed in the Moscow newspaper.

Well, Skiperoo, despite the current cartoon complaint-storm from right-wingers who aren’t adult enough to be able to read views other than their own without having a nuclear melt­down, the bulk of us in Lewiston want the Tribune to stay just as it is. So, my advice is for you to butt out of our business and, if you don’t want to read the Tribune, then read the Idaho County Free Press.

Danny Radakovich