Thinking is a lost art

I thought I had seen or heard every possible excuse for not getting vaccinated but today I was totally taken aback by this latest conspiracy theory.

I was shopping in Walmart when I met a man I used to be friendly with years ago. He was maskless and proceeded to tell me why he was refusing to get vaccinated.

Apparently he believed that the vaccine would allow the state to track his every movement because it contained thousands of tracking chips.

So ever the one to try to explain a fallacy, I asked him if he had a smartphone with GPS enabled.

Of course, his response was: “Yes and I need that GPS to use Google maps.”

He outright called me a liar when I pointed out to him that GPS tracks everywhere you go and that Google uses his movements to target local ads to his phone.

I used to think that facts and education could fix the dumbing down of our country, but it seems that for some people thinking is secondary to belief in their party or QAnon.

To everyone who can think for themselves and make reasoned decisions, I apologize. But it seems for many, the boob tube and the new fangled social media are more important than thinking. Yes, I’m that old that I still call the TV the boob tube — lol.

Jennifer Walker


Fowler is no victim

The theme of Chris Moore’s letter concerning Logan Fowler challenges that some have tried to demonize Fowler. Did this controversy not start by Fowler posting public videos demonizing others? The hypocrisy is so blatant it leads me to consider Moore has no idea what Fowler says in his videos. Please watch them before you attempt to twist this into a reverse situation where Fowler is the one being demonized.

The first sentence of Moore’s letter defending Fowler claims those challenging Fowler are an example of cancel culture. Are Fowler’s videos not themselves the epitome of cancel culture? Again, the hypocrisy is blaring.

Moore’s letter goes on to challenge a letter that was previously submitted by Dan Aherin. Moore apparently takes issue with Aherin’s opinion, claiming Aherin is equating two “divergent things” as an attempt to bring Fowler down.

Fowler literally brought this whole thing on himself by equating two divergent things: Fowler equated the LGBTQ community to pedophiles.

Did you miss something, Chris? You do not have a problem with demonization when Fowler is on the dealing end.

Your deficit in reasoning is astounding.

Eric Lewis