This is how it starts

Regarding Diane Mosman’s Sept. 5 letter, I am appalled and dismayed yet not surprised someone has said the words out loud.

I grew up in Canada, dealt with the socialized medical system for myself and, in their later years, my parents. I have British cousins who have horror stories of their own to share.

This is how it starts, the proverbial “camel’s nose” under the tent, or the top of the slippery slope. If medical care is refused for those with the virus, what about longtime smokers with the myriad of accompanying diseases, obesity, drug users, alcoholics or the mentally weak? Once started, how does one stop the avalanche?

Answer? It is not stopped. Witness Great Britain, when it was revealed this summer that, unbeknownst to the quarantined families unable to visit, the elderly with COVID-19 had DNR orders attached to their charts so as to free up beds, staff, and meds. Are you OK with that, Diane Mosman and those who think like her?

Maybe not, if it’s your parents. ...

The recent resurgence of the virus in Israel and Iceland, two countries with the highest vaccination rates, is in people who have already had their two shots. ...

Fear, cruel isolation, ridicule and false information will further divide this nation. The vaccinated are in hospitals in huge numbers, not just the unvaccinated. Don’t brand people by their status of vaccinated/unvaccinated. It helps no one and nothing. ...

It is one’s choice as to what goes into one’s body.

Frances Rotter


Separate kids from TikTok

Any parent allowing their child under 18 to use TikTok should read the Sept. 9 Wall Street Journal online article titled “How TikTok serves up sex and drug videos to minors.” The title varies slightly in the print edition.

One can infer from the headline alone how sobering and disturbing the results of the Journal’s months-long investigation are. But perhaps the only sentence that matters is this one:

“The (TikTok) spokeswoman said the app doesn’t differentiate between videos it serves to adults and minors but said that the platform is looking to create a tool that filters content for young users.”

Anyone “looking to create” something is not likely actively creating it or they wouldn’t need the modifier “looking to.”

For TikTok to later claim that “(p)rotecting minors is vitally important,” and that they have taken “industry-first steps to promote a safe and age-appropriate experience for teens” by allowing parents to “manage screen time” and “privacy settings” is laughable. Obviously a child can be “anonymous” to the world and still consume the drugs and porn that TikTok is “looking to create a tool” to filter out.

For the sake of our valley’s kids, please love your child enough to get them off TikTok. They’ll forgive you eventually.

Joshua McKarcher


Biden fulfills prophecy

I am an Air Force veteran who happens to be 11 years older than President Joe Biden.

For more than 50 years, I have pondered a quotation written more than 100 years ago by a young woman named Ellen G. White. She was credited with visions of divine inspiration and has published many books. The quotation is the following: “There will come a time when the United States of America will be humbled in the dust in the eyes of the world.”

As of now, Aug. 30, I have no doubt that her prophecy is being fulfilled thanks to the utter incompetence of Biden and his administration. His advisers are left-over Obama cohorts. Most are dedicated radicals with anti-American socialist goals too numerous to enumerate here.

One good example is Biden’s choice to head the Bureau of Land Management. She was a leader of the tree-spikers infesting our local forests a few years back. Some of you may remember.

There are many example of Biden’s bad decisions, from the southern border immigration with many COVID-19 positive people coming across in record numbers to the inflation we all see at the grocery store and gas station.

All of that is insignificant compared to events of the recent past.

When the commander in chief is agreeable to leaving Americans stranded in enemy territory, our country has changed in ways I can’t describe.

But it is not who we are as U.S. citizens or what we believe in.

Glenn Richey