Vote no

Please, Asotin County residents, don’t vote to build a new jail. We don’t need a facility designed to house 150 to 200 inmates in this little town. You’ve heard the saying, “If we build it, they will come.” That’s what I am afraid of.

That, and how this bill is going to be paid. Right now, the current jail is housing 38 inmates. Their website says the average is 42, not 50 like the commissioners are saying.

They currently have a full-time staff of 12. So, how many more people will need to be hired to staff a jail built for 150 inmates? How do we pay for that?

The tiny sales tax increase is only going to pay for the construction of this building. Some people expressed a fear of having another aquatic center nightmare later, and that is exactly what will happen.

Later, when the jail is full and they need staff and everything else to keep it safe, where will the money come from?

There it is — property taxes, just like we are paying now for the Asotin County Family Aquatic Center. And we will continue to pay forever for that facility; it will never be able to pay for itself.

Then, there is the new fire station to pay for.

And don’t think that the Clarkston School Board has given up on a new high school. ...

If the county commissioners can’t come up with a better solution than this, let them and Trae Turner pay for it.

Janet Driggs


Supports Urquidez

James Urquidez is a candidate for Moscow City Council. Urquidez counsels our jail inmates and coaches men back into work through his building trades business.

We have known his family to give shelter to those in need. A man of service to others and good judgment, Urquidez will be an excellent Moscow councilor.

Fred and Lynaire Banks



What radical environmentalists are doing to our children is child abuse. Have you watched any of the young kids on TV talking about “man-caused global warming?” What the radicals claim as youthful wisdom in the youngsters is fear; you can see it in their eyes. They are being used. They are being told the Earth is coming to an end soon, unless they do something about it.

I have been watching radical environmentalists for decades. They are masters at fundraising and using the media to spread their propaganda. Their views of “man-caused global warming” are now being taught as fact in our schools. I have no problem with the theory being taught, but the other side must be given equal time, and it is not.

I witnessed this personally when I attended a seminar on dam breaching at Lewis-Clark State College. The meeting was set up by a college professor and completely dominated by supporters of dam breaching. At the end, I thanked the sponsors for informing our youth on this important subject and asked them when the students would hear the other side of the issue. The moderator said that would not be happening.

Many of the top climate scientists in the world reject the theory of “man-caused global warming,” but the radicals are so well funded and masters of the media that they simply drown them out.

When you hear both sides of an issue, it is education. When you hear only one side, it is indoctrination.

Marvin F. Dugger


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