Exit Syria

If what is happening in Syria really matters at all and if the separation of powers is something that deserves more than lip service from our elected representatives, Congress should declare war or, at least, pass a new authorization for the use of military force.

We have, by the way, been in Syria without congressional authorization since 2014. The last authorization for the use of military force was passed in 2001.

Passing a resolution in the House condemning the president’s withdrawal from an illegal foreign entanglement is a true profile in cowardice.

Jeff Ford


Shilling for Biden

I continue to wait for a complete picture based on facts concerning the latest attempt to impeach President Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the Lewiston Tribune only reports what they want to believe are the facts.

The facts to date are that no one wants to investigate the relationship of former Vice President Joe Biden and Ukraine.

The House Democrats and mainstream press are not about to investigate a Democrat.

Lindsey Graham, the powerful Republican senator, said in a recent interview that he would not investigate Biden because he is an old personal friend, and that some other third party would have to investigate possible corruption. The senator sadly puts his friendship above justice and protection of American integrity.

So the House, Senate and the press give Biden a pass, despite him being caught on film demanding Ukraine fire a corruption-investigating prosecutor or face not getting a $1 billion U.S. aid package.

Cometh the third party, President Trump, who asked for an investigation into possible U.S. corruption in a clear message that Adam Schiff miraculously turned into a fact of “collecting dirt on a political opponent.”

Trump must resolve this issue prior to next year’s election. That will be a favor to all Americans.

If a foreign country sat on incriminating information until just before the 2020 election, it could be chaos for the presidential election.

It often appears that only Trump is committed to draining the swamp.

Bill Mulligan


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