Nichols got it wrong

Benjamin Nichols, Asotin County’s prosecutor, was quoted in a recent article saying that the jail only had room for the most violent felons and that a new jail would have room for more of the same.

This caught my attention, considering my current confinement in the Asotin County Jail.

I am being held for not completing my community service on a drug possession charge.

I had completed 120 of my 280 hours but ran out of time. I was given a 120-day sentence to compensate for my 160 hours still needed.

There are several others sitting here for similar circumstances and even more here waiting for a bond or release on misdemeanors, facing continuances because their public defenders have failed to meet with them.

Think of how full this jail would be if those we caught lying to and misleading the public were held accountable for their actions.

Kristopher Evans


Impeach Democrats

For three years, the Democratic Party has tried to destroy President Donald Trump.

For three years, Trump has tried to enforce existing laws and the Democratic Party has forced him to go into court.

For three years, the Democratic Party has squandered taxpayers’ money. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe cost $32 million. Plus, senators’ salaries cost $25.2 million.

For three years, what has the Democratic Party accomplished?


Regarding the Southern border, here’s a fact: Democrats want to open borders to get illegals’ votes.

Look at sanctuary cities. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home in San Francisco once was a beautiful city. Now 10,000 homeless wander in human waste.

Chicago’s Democratic mayor, Lori Lightfoot, has 80,000 homeless. On average, there are 45 shootings in Chicago per week. But in a sanctuary city, the police have to protect illegal aliens.

On executive order, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will fine you $259 for calling an illegal alien illegal.

Now all those bimbos running for president first want to tax you to death and, second, take all your guns. ...

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren want a single-payer health care system, which would mean you would pay through the nose even if you got a job. ...

Most Democrats and some Republicans have been bought by lobbyists. For example, there are Gov. Jay Inslee’s kickbacks for solar panels built in China or wind turbines from Germany. ...

It should be Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler who get impeached.

Howard Miller


Not so

Regarding Friday’s Cheers and Jeers: If you can’t get basic facts right, I would advise you to surrender this leftist column to somebody with a keener eye for accuracy — maybe a letters to the editor contributor, such as Marvin F. Dugger. He may not meet your criteria for your leftist narrative, but he is a voice of reason and he gets his facts straight.

If you haven’t figured out to what this letter is in reference to, it is this: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not officially opened an impeachment inquiry. She has yet to do that. And why wouldn’t she follow the proper procedure and precedent set forth by former impeachment motions?

I believe Pelosi is attempting two things. The first one being to make trouble for President Donald Trump and cripple his chances for reelection. And second, she is protecting herself in case the whole thing, not unlike the Mueller report, blows up in her face.

I am a subscriber to your paper, but I do not depend on you for truth. I use you as a source for leftist views so that I may better understand the opposition and am able to debate the important issues that face our nation and our world.

Catherine A. Munden


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