Farewell, Barry

A reader of the Lewiston Tribune since 1964, I have remained so for the quality of not only the editorials and news reporting, but also the photography. Barry Kough has always been one of my favorites, and I am sorry to hear of his retirement.

But I am even sorrier that he and my late husband, Earl Brockman, were never able to meet. Although Earl was 20 years older, their careers mirrored each other.

Earl developed his first roll of film at age 10, studied journalism in college and credited his time in the Signal Corps in Japan during the Korean War with his real development as a photographer. He was a magnificent manipulator of light, doing his favorite work in black and white, although embracing commercial photography in color. He was one of the best photographic printers in the Treasure Valley, and people sought him out for his darkroom expertise. He was an adjunct instructor at both the College of Idaho and Boise State University, and was always generous with his time and experience for aspiring photographers.

Like Kough, he immediately saw the advantages of digital photography and, at age 70, not even knowing how to turn on a laptop, he purchased a Mac, a Cannon digital and an Epson printer, and within weeks was turning out some of his best work. I was always partial to the silver prints, but loved that he could look into the future.

I hope that, even in retirement, Kough will continue to contribute his vision and his love for his craft to the Tribune. I hope, as well, that he finds the same fulfillment with no deadlines and his own work that my husband found.

Frances Ford


Doing Putin’s bidding

President Donald Trump just sold $8 billion in arms to the Saudis without congressional approval. Iran bombed Saudi Arabia and Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman hired Trump to teach them a lesson.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are theocracies consisting of feuding sects. They’ve been killing each other for more than 1,000 years but go berserk when infidels barge in and meddle.

Prince Salman would rather American Judeo-Christian demons kill his Islamic enemies so that no matter how vicious their internal crusades, the U.S. will always be the real villain.

But Russia has dealings with Iran and will not let Trump screw with them, so any attack will be superficial. Therefore, ineffective sanctions were placed on Iran just like on Russia as per Vladimir Putin’s orders.

Trump also is extorting Ukraine. He will give them weapons to resist Russia provided they manufacture dirt for his political gain. No matter what the Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky fabricates, Trump will not supply them with arms that will really deter Putin. As with Iran, just it’s enough military action for a show.

Right now, the only thing permitting our president to continue grifting in the White House is Putin. If Trump disobeys him, it would be considered treason and Putin takes care of traitors — like in the old days. Perfect.

Richard Strongoni


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