Got the wrong bird

First, I watch KLEW’s Keith Havens call a gumboot, black fall chinook a steelhead on the nightly news broadcast and now see one of the most distinctive, North American owls labeled incorrectly by the Tribune.

How a great gray can be mistaken for an all-white barn owl is troubling.

Just saying.

Steve Pettit


Short and sweet

The Lewiston Tribune’s Inland 360 editor has challenged your readers to write and submit a horror story in two sentences with a limit of two stories per person.

Why don’t you give your readers a break and make it your letters to the editor policy, too?

Wayne Gash


Are we there yet?

The press says presidential candidate Joe Biden utters gaffes at every campaign rally. Oh, no. Wouldn’t we be better off with an accomplished liar as president? Someone with a “fib-bit” count of 13 or more lies per day.

If we had a narcissistic despot running the country, he could offend our Canadian and Mexican neighbors and betray our European allies. He could tell those snotty-nosed Europeans and hoity-toity Brits off. He could force those socialistic Scandinavian countries to sell us their land. And he could then start tariff wars that trigger a worldwide recession.

He could befriend murderous kings in oil-rich countries and get gifts of gold and jewels in return. With those riches, he could buy allegiances with corrupt politicians and lawyers.

Then he could insult our Asian allies in Japan and South Korea by using racist oriental slurs. That would create alliances with communist despots like Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un.

With China and North Korea on our side, he could approach his pal, Vladimir Putin, and offer to build Russian hotels in return for assurances that he becomes presidential putz-for-life.

That’s how to “Make America Great Again.” Are we there yet?

Paul Oman


What owl was it?

Nice photo by Mary Hayward of the large owl that serendipitously arrived and posed long enough for her to capture the image. However, upon perusing the owl section of “Birds of North America” by Fred J. Alsop III, I think the photo is of a great gray owl rather than a barn owl.

Randal Donato


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