Here’s to Patrick

Life has a funny way of bringing important people into your life. It’s how I met one such good friend.

Around 30 years ago, I came home from work one afternoon when Shawnna, the daughter of a neighbor, was at our house playing with my two kids, Mandy and Levi.

It wasn’t long before Levi came out of the back room and said Shawnna wasn’t sharing the toys. So I followed Levi back into the room. Sure enough, Shawnna had all the toys around her.

I told Shawnna if she couldn’t share, she would have to go home. Shawnna looked me square in the eye and said no. I told her she would have to go home then. She responded with “I’m going to have my mom’s boyfriend Patrick come beat you up.” And then she stomped off for home.

About 30 minutes later, the kids were playing outside when Levi ran into the house and exclaimed: “Patrick is coming.”

There was a knock at the door and I opened it. I saw a man with a half-rack of beer under his arm.

I said, “You must be Patrick.”

He answered, “You must be Mark.”

And then he got that look on his face that only Patrick could have and said, “Anybody that can make Shawnna mind I should buy them a beer.”

And that’s how I met Patrick Loseth. I valued his friendship from that day forward and I’m one of many who miss him. Here’s to you buddy.

Mark Lawrence


Fool on the hill

The fool on the hill (Capitol Hill, no less) has clearly shown himself to be all that he is; namely a lying, scamming, scheming narcissistic criminal, among many other despicable traits from an endless mindless list.

He accuses others of treason yet needs to turn those words on himself. He has betrayed this country and everything good it has ever stood for. He has betrayed his own idiot sheeplies, but, of course, they are too brain-dead to even see it. He has taken the light from the Statue of Liberty and given her a bucket and a mop.

The Republican deadbeats in Congress who continue to support this bloated wombat, no matter what he says or does, are also complicit in treason against this country and the whole damn lot should be removed and replaced.

The right-wing idiots clambering around the clown prince like lemmings at a mass orgy need to choose: Do they want a democratic republic or a banana republic under the babbling bozo top banana?

But, of course, most of them are too deep in their comas to know the difference.

Bananas are meant for monkeys; not for the country’s highest office. And fools, it’s not about trying to overturn the illegitimate election of 2016, as you insist in your flatulent talking points. It is about a totally incompetent kindergartner in the White House who is capable of nothing more than blabbering a few choruses of “you’re fired” on reality TV — if that.

Marco Munez


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