Trump can’t be trusted

News broke recently that when Donald Trump was elected president, the CIA started moving assets out of harm’s way. That’s just the latest indication our military and intelligence services don’t trust Trump with classified operational data. He has a history of sharing classified information with untrustworthy foreign leaders.

Having been through the vetting process to earn a top-secret security clearance, I can categorically say that Trump is not qualified to receive classified briefings.

Trump has numerous personality characteristics that disqualify him from receiving classified information, not the least of which is his habitual lying. Other non-qualifying attributes include his numerous ties to Russia, extramarital affairs, 24 sexual assault and rape accusations, six bankruptcies, a history of cheating contractors and three court-proven instances of racial bias.

The only reason Trump is receiving classified briefings today is because Vladimir Putin gamed the 2016 election and squeaked-out an Electoral College victory with only 46 percent of the vote. Were it not for Putin’s interference, Trump would be just another failed reality TV actor contemplating his third divorce and seventh bankruptcy.

It is sad and frighting that an unqualified presidential poser commands the world’s most powerful military and intelligence services. What’s even sadder is that they cannot trust him.

Paul Oman


Fair game

The Second Amendment is a states’ rights issue as quoted in Tymothy Park’s Sept. 23 letter:

“A well-regulated Militia (now the National Guard) being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”

Frontiersmen had guns for food and protection. Our sports people can still hunt for sport.

Military weapons, built to kill masses of people, were held under strict military control until some corporate persons realized the fortune that could be made by selling military weapons to the civilian population under the guise and protection of the Second Amendment.

Great profits have been made from those sales.

As a result, our citizens no longer have a safe place, whether in school, church, theater, etc. We are all fair game, anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

What have we created?

Carol Schmidt


Brainwashed kids

The Sept. 20 “climate strike” is just another example of how the left exploits the youth to advance its political agenda.

It was a coordinated effort across the country that saw millions of children allowed to skip school in order to protest a global hoax. It seems school is more about political indoctrination than education.

Leading the protest of uneducated, brainwashed youth was a 16-year-old “climate activist” from Sweden. Greta Thunberg berated and scolded the world while addressing the United Nations Climate Action Summit. Apparently, the sanctimonious, indignant little girl was just part of the show.

That she and other children have the temerity to lecture adults who have far more education and life experience is a cancer promoted by leftists. These leftists should be charged with child abuse for stealing the childhood of every child paraded out in public to make political statements and demands they know nothing about.

It’s no wonder the left would like to see the voting age lowered to include the indoctrinated youth they have so painstakingly brainwashed. Please, parents: Don’t let your children become a political tool.

Varnel Williams


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