Running scared

Marvin F. Duggar, in your Sept. 29 letter, it appears you are so afraid you may not be able to own any and all the guns you want or that someone may restrict you in the least little way that you support everyone owning and carrying guns.

You don’t care that someone with an uncontrolled mental issue carries a gun. Someone who has a history of violence or a felony conviction carries a gun. Even someone on the terrorist no-fly list can legally buy and carry a gun.

Has anyone ever come to your house to get your guns? Do you know anyone who had their guns taken away for no reason?

Every time you hear the phrase “they will come and take your guns,” you run to the nearest gun store, which is exactly why they say that. It boosts their gun sales and scares the hell out of you.

What is your answer to the many mass killings we have?

Thoughts and prayer are not working.

If you decide more mental health treatment is the answer, remember: You don’t think people with mental health issues should be restricted in their gun ownership. ...

You have been well trained in who to blame for the gun issue — those nasty socialist Democrats are the enemy. ...

Australia had a problem with mass shooting years ago. They passed restriction on guns. The instances of mass shootings stopped. Accidental shootings and suicide by guns were greatly reduced. Isn’t that worth some restrictions?

Nita Mauch


Impeach the Democrats

It’s time to impeach the Democratic Party and all others who do not seem to know our form of government’s job description.

In all my years living as a legal American citizen in our capitalist constitutional republic, I have never seen the horror our country has been under for the past 12-plus years.

Our government is supposed to be working for and under the legal citizens, not them telling us how we will live our personal lives or taxing us to death. ...

The citizens had enough of the horror and elected President Donald Trump to drain the swamp of the unlawful, greedy, powerful, criminal corrupt snakes and get our country back where it is working for us. ...

The majority will vote for Donald Trump in 2020 and, at the same time, we will be pushing for term limits, stricter job expectations and accountability as well as having the laws followed in terms of performing audits for illegal activities and immediate removal of violators. There will be no more pensions or self-given raises.

They will use the same health care as the citizens. They will pay their taxes through their terms and after as private citizens. ...

We Americans have our federal laws, Constitution, amendments and the Ten Commandments to guide us. And no one is exempt from abiding without the consequences by our laws.

The Democrats are dangerously pushing the legal Americans. ...

Kathrine Copeland


Do-nothing Congress

Do you know the true process of impeachment?

The definition of impeach: To charge a public official formally with misconduct in office.

Show or tell me what our president has done wrong, since 2016.

OK, now we can go down the rabbit hole of our past president, but there would be too many words to print.

It’s very difficult to impeach a president on promises. Our president will finish his term, in spite of what Congress has done — which has been nothing that serves and protects our country.

Congress is filled with people who want to be there for public viewing and it is all about distraction. Leaks, leaks and more leaks — here we go again.

With liberty and justice for all, God bless our country, our president and the men and women who support you and me.

Marge Lunder


Doesn’t trust Pelosi

Today’s date is Sept. 24. I have been listening to Nancy Pelosi on television. I would not advise anyone to trust anything that Pelosi might choose to say. She may become the most unwise person to appear in the Lewiston Tribune in decades.

President Donald Trump knows more in a minute than Pelosi will learn in a lifetime.

May we put our trust in God and in the United States of America. That is the most intelligent action we can take. May God bless the USA.

Norman E. Bartlow


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