Did we do enough?

Since the completion of Lower Granite Dam in 1975, Idahoans have developed a bit of resiliency when it comes to steelhead runs. Annual run numbers are always a cause for concern, with the species squeaking by during the ’80s and ’90s.

There was a vision of hope during much of the 2000s, with record returns and happy anglers.

Without too much reminiscing, we need to look at current numbers and ask ourselves: Have we done everything possible to perpetuate a species? As I check the Fish Passage Center’s daily numbers, I can’t help but wonder if I’m witnessing the slow demise of Idaho steelhead?

A quick look at current run numbers starting on June 15 indicate we are approximately 16 percent of the 10-year average for Lower Granite Dam. When you think hundreds of thousands of salmon that returned only decades ago, the 10-year average is not exactly spectacular.

As the Idaho Fish and Game Commission closes the fabled Clearwater River B-run steelhead fishery, anglers are faced with tough choices and a sense of urgency to do whatever we can to avoid the demise of a species so important to anglers across the world.

In the end, what story are we going to tell? Will we be able to say that we did everything possible to save our salmon and steelhead? Or will we look back and say, “We could have done more.”

Tony McDonnell


Will not comply

The Bolsheviks in Washington, D.C., have early shown their hand with gun control this time.

Congressman Ken Buck, R-Colo., introduced an amendment to the red flag law making its way through Congress that would give police the power to red flag known gang members on police databases.

Since gang members are behind some 80 percent of crimes involving guns, that’s just common sense. But Democrats on Capitol Hill voted that down.

Let that sink in.

It’s very clear red flag laws and new gun control is all about politics and disarming American conservatives especially, those in rural areas who are opposed to the left’s insane vision for America. A look at history will show you what they have planned for us.

Gun control advocates in any action groups: Shame on your for being misled so easily. You are harming our democratic republic.

Politically motivated red flag laws and new gun control must be militantly opposed the way it will be militantly implemented. It would be one thing if Americans, after careful consideration and open discussion, came to the decision to remove the Second Amendment via the democratic process. But we are not seeing this.

Again it’s a festival of lies and underhanded politics. We will not comply with a one-sided Bolshevik-led march into victimhood.

Mike Dietz


In the beginning

And God said, “Let man play.”

And God created the football. “It will bounce crazily and cause frenzy among men. It is good.”

“They must have a place to play.” And God created a perfect field of green (or blue) with boundaries, posts, and markers.

“They must have rules.” And God created a book of rules. (The NFL’s rule book has 211 pages.)

“They must play fairly.” So, God appointed seven officials (five have the title of “judge”), TV cameras and instant replay.

“They must have consequences for bad behavior.” So, God designed penalty flags and determined consequences: loss of downs/yardage, ejection from the game and fines.

And God said, “Play ball.”

Just as in life, rules (moral absolutes) are essential. Rules allow us to trust and anticipate the behaviors of the other players. And, the officials must agree to enforce the same book of rules.

Could two teams play a game without officials to enforce consistent rules? Penalty flags are currently thrown on 21 percent of all plays. Now, imagine the chaos if there were no consequences for violating the rules or the officials argued amongst themselves. Cheating would begin before the kickoff (perhaps with the football itself). Without consequences, many teams would see no reason to comply with the rules. Without consistently enforced rules, there can be no game.

Man’s natural tendency is to gain an advantage over the other players on the field. The Bible calls this our “sin nature,” and, it is as natural as breathing.

Mike Fischer


Prep for impeachment

Please share my humble offerings to help my Republican Party friends through the difficult times of the upcoming impeachment. Mental conditioning will be key.

Every morning, go outside, look at the sky and say, “The sky is green.”

This will work if it is cloudy or clear. Repeat as necessary throughout the day.

If you are worried about President Donald Trump trashing all Republican values of the last 50 years (with the exception of the core value, tax cuts for millionaires), just say: “But the Supreme Court.”

For the family values folks, if you are having trouble accepting a serial adulterer and liar as the chosen one, remember we have that information from the highest authority — Trump.

If it is still difficult, use the “but the Supreme Court” phrase above.

I’ll also make available my electronic truth field app. It prevents all electronic devices from playing anything except Fox News. For a limited time, I’ll include the heretic module, which mutes any daytime Fox host who strays from the party line. See my website.

Physical conditioning will also be important. Practice pointer finger and elbow flexing, and voice loosening exercises so that you can get your fingers in your ears and start singing “la la la” as quickly as possible.

Hope this helps.

Kurt Obermayr

(Late of Moscow)

Winslow, Ariz.

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