Retain Lawrence

Clarkston residents, did you know that our mayor, Monika Lawrence, is up for reelection?

How many of you have met Lawrence? What do you know about her?

Well, she is a smart, kind and wise human being and she’s at the center of the operations of our city government.

She oversees and coordinates the activities of our police department with Chief Joel Hastings; the fire and EMS department with Chief Ryan Baskett; Public Works Department with Director Kevin Poole and the Clerk/Treasurer Department with Steve Austin.

She leads all city council meetings. She hired most of our department heads. And she oversees the creation of our yearly budget.

Lawrence’s attitude of quiet grace and diligence has brought more oversight and continuity to our city than has been felt in the past.

She puts in long days, providing direction and guidance in what she calls a “group effort” running our city.

She is the hub of the wheel around which the departments turn.

It is my hope that you all will reelect her as mayor of Clarkston.

Ren Gron


Pass Prop. 1

After deliberate, careful and open-minded consideration of all perspectives I’ve heard for some months now, it is clear to me that we should support the upcoming ballot proposition for a small sales tax increase here in Asotin County for funding a new jail facility.

At a recent, well-attended town hall meeting, everyone appeared to understand and readily acknowledge the need for a new jail, a need that has been well documented and apparent for years now.

The public safety and security of our community requires this investment to move forward with more detailed planning and eventual solidified decisions regarding a new, modern, safe and increased capacity facility.

We have been shaking the dice every day and night for a long time on the safety of our detention deputies we entrust and ask to provide fair, humane incarceration of those who fail to follow the law. Without judging those who end up crossing the law and getting caught, the ability to safely, supportively and effectively house those arrested while determining appropriate justice is also a fundamental right for them and a fundamental responsibility of our community seeking protection, deterrence and fairness.

We must continue to work together to address remaining community concerns but we must act now without further delay to provide funding. Please join me in confidently voting to support this proposition that will place us on track to be a model for how a small community proudly takes care of its own and leads by example.

Dan Button


Put students first

The voters of Mountain View School District have a choice on Nov. 5.

They can vote for me in Zone 2 and Pam Reidlen in Zone 4. We both want to put students first and refocus on the district mission of “Educational Excellence for All.”

We both value community support for the public schools and will work to improve public trust and confidence in the school board. We will work with board members and school administrators to assure that schools are safe and welcoming places for all students and encourage participation of home-schooled students in school activities.

I served for 15 years on boards of directors for several nonprofits in Idaho. I bring 30 years of public service, working for the U.S. Forest Service as a planner where I listened respectfully to people on all sides of contentious issues.

Reidlen has 22 years of experience as a classroom teacher, including in the Kamiah School District, six years as a child welfare social worker and eight years of public administration.

We both care about the students and will come to board meetings prepared to discuss the issues. We will work to find effective ways to contain costs and are willing to work with teachers to resolve long-standing issues.

Mountain View School District voters, you have a choice on Nov. 5.

I hope you will vote for me (Zone 2) and Pam Reidlen (Zone 4). We will put students and their education first.

Norma Staaf


Re-elect Lawrence

As a former Clarkston councilor, I worked several years with Mayor Monika Lawrence. I endorse Lawrence as she always puts the taxpayer’s interest first. She spends several hours each day running our city efficiently with little pay.

Lawrence has worked hard to keep city expenses at a reasonable level. She is a good negotiator with the city’s union labor force.

Citizens should question a candidate about organized group endorsements. Does the group expect something in return? Of course, the answer is yes.

Vote for Mayor Lawrence. She will continue to provide good leadership for Clarkston.

Terry Beadles


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