Oceans are sick

Oceans are where fish such as salmon and steelhead spend 65 to 75 percent of their lives.

Oceans now are being very badly abused.

Pollution by all countries and over-harvesting of fish by all countries are the reasons for poor fish populations.

Fish all along the Pacific Coast all the way up to Alaska are down.

Most of these rivers don’t have dams, gillnets or predator refuges on them.

Environmentalists, Indians, and the Idaho Fish and Game Department have tried to be Mother Nature by letting water out of Dworshak Dam, making high water in August now natural.

Is it no wonder fish are down? We would be much wiser to spend our money on ocean cleanup than on dam removal.

Abel Workman


Look at prosecutors, too

Why are all questions being directed toward Superior Court Judge Scott D. Gallina — especially when there is an entire administrative faculty that intimately worked with the judge, including mainly the members of the prosecution team? ...

Deputy Prosecutor Curt Liedkie breathes, eats and sleeps Washington state laws, rules and regulations in the courtroom. How in the world could the alleged activities of Gallina go completely unnoticed? ...

Now, out of the blue, Liedkie all of the sudden has an absolute crusader’s attitude toward alleged sex offenders? ...

Another question raised is about the alleged victims.

Why are they still allowed to work not only at the courthouse, where the alleged incidents occurred, but with or on alleged sex offenses where they could potentially have the ability to hinder these types of cases? ...

Liedkie misrepresents facts about criminal history, past relationships, you name it. All of this bravado is, of course, to get the interim judges to side with him and give him the ridiculous bonds he asks for as well as his motions passed, among other things. Why? ...

Liedkie commands the courtroom with such confidence that the judges who are filling in for Gallina basically ask him how things are done in Asotin County. I have personally witnessed this myself.

Judges will ask the prosecution team if what they, the judges, are doing is correct. ...

But, hey what do I know? I’m just a detainee in the Asotin County jail.

Jason Waits


Dugger was inaccurate

I hoped to devote this letter to thanking Lewiston Tribune photographer Barry Kough for the decades he has devoted to blessing readers with some of the most beautiful and philosophical images of our region I have ever seen in any artistic medium. Instead, I’m obliged to respond to a factual inaccuracy in Marvin Dugger’s peculiar letter condemning attempts to inform the public about the causes and likely consequences of runaway climate change as tantamount to child abuse.

To the contrary: doing nothing and remaining in denial about the problem and its causes is far closer to child abuse, sacrificing the future of younger generations either for continued financial gain or out of sheer irrational spite. ...

The factual inaccuracy ... is Dugger’s claim that an extracurricular (non-required) community-focused panel I organized in 2015 at Lewis-Clark State College to provide a forum for arguments in favor of breaching the four lower Snake River dams concluded with me stating that a forum presenting arguments in favor of maintaining the current dams and commercial barging system “would not be happening.”

The broader claim was that I was a “radical environmentalist” committed to actively suppressing that perspective.

In fact, the event began with my providing attendees with a set of online resources to help them understand a broad variety of perspectives on the issue. ...

The panel also included two Nez Perce tribal members, for whom loss of this resource is also cultural, meaning significant in more than simply monetary or recreational terms. ...

Chris Norden


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