Deeper in debt

It’s good that the politicians keep the taxpayers in debt, whether it be property or sales taxes.

Question: When are they going to clear up the present cost that they have created? It’s time they lower the taxes instead of raising them. Just like one person asked: When the bond for building the jail is paid, will the sales tax be lowered? The answer was “no.”

So what hidden cost will they come up with?

Do we pay for their dead horses, such as the aquatic center, forever?

Has any one checked to see how the cemetery sales tax is being spent?

Simple question: Just how long before you people wake up?

If you have so much money to spend, give it to the “Jim Griffin Fund.” Ha ha.

Look at the cost that the fire district is costing, And it has just started — big time. So think.

Jim Griffin


Talking heads

I admit to being concerned about the menagerie of people, some scientists, who sit on news panel discussions and attack our president. Most are Democrats, virulently supporting all of their adherents who talk loudly and long, not allowing others on the panel to state their positions.

One with the most annoying voice is Jessica Tarlov. Several men are former campaign workers for Hillary and Bill Clinton. Then there is Donna Brazile, who gave Hillary the questions to be asked in debates with Donald Trump. Why should we trust their views on politics with proof of their lies and bias?

Others are nuts such as the Cathy Areu, the “Liberal Sherpa.” I first heard her garbage on Fox News. She stated that parents of newborns seriously should ask the infant’s permission to change diapers.

Some are involved in teaching rats to play hide and seek or watching a cow all day, chewing her cud or counting the times her jaws moved. Soon, I expect some “expert” to sit all day with people to count the times the average family flushes the toilets.

I heard one Democrat candidate state that to combat climate change and population explosion, the U.S. should turn to cannibalism and eat children. One girl, a brainwashed teen, speaking on a global warming stage, ended with the words, “We should eat babies.”

Question: Since we shouldn’t eat red meat, what color would human flesh be called? White, black, brown or other?

Dear God, what is happening to our nation?

Flora Teachman


Staging a coup

For the last 3½ years, the Democratic Party has campaigned to impeach President Donald Trump.

This kangaroo court is headed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who does not take care of her constituents, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, the congressman who had positive proof of Russian collusion involving and who transformed five pages of straight talk with Ukraine into a 25-page document.

Pelosi, Schiff and the Democratic Party do not want to inpeach President Trump.

What they and the news media want is to create a coup and abolish the Constitution.

Howard Miller


Backs Lawrence

As I watched Monika Lawrence lead the recent board meeting of the Lewis-Clark Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization, I realized how fortunate we are to have her as our mayor of the city of Clarkston.

She guides the discussion of board topics at these meetings with the same efficiency with which she presides over Clarkston City Council meetings. She listens to all sectors of the community and all sides of issues coming before the council to ensure all segments of the community are heard and considered before decisions are made.

During her tenure as mayor, she has worked professionally and cooperatively with our local governments to further our common goals. We can’t afford to not work as a team and Lawrence has led the council in meeting our city’s needs.

I have had the privilege of working with Lawrence in many situations and I have attended most of the Clarkston City Council meetings in recent years. I’ve watched her in action and I’m voting again for Monika Lawrence, mayor of Clarkston.

Brian Shinn


Lock them up

The Asotin County worthies want to raise taxes for a new jail.

I might be persuaded to support such taxation if, and only if, it were guaranteed that the scheming weasels who bilked Asotin County taxpayers for the aquatic center and instituted the fleece-the-public stormwater boondoggle would be incarcerated therein.

Bridger Barnett


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