It’s only a cap

I was getting ready to take a walk and, since it was a little breezy out I grabbed a cap out of the closet and put it on.

I was listening to music on my phone and I didn’t pay much attention to a car being driven slowly down the street.

I thought that maybe the people in the car were going to ask for directions until they started yelling at me, calling me a Trump —, a racist pig and other obscene things.

Thankfully another driver was coming up on them and they left.

I was shaking really bad and hurried up the street to get close to some houses.

After I went home and took my cap off, I realized that the people were yelling at me because it was red.

It’s a plain red cap that I’ve had for years, and there isn’t anything political on it.

Instead of spewing hate, these people should put that energy into volunteering for the Democratic Party and do something productive.

Conservatives didn’t go all ballistic when Democratic Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama won elections.

I and my niece went to see the play “Sweeney Todd” at the Lewiston High School and I noticed that pictures of President Donald Trump there had insulting captions.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I was harassed because I had on a red hat.

Phyllis Collins


Picks Bradbury

John Bradbury, who is running for the Lewiston City Council, is a very smart and wise man. He has the experience and knowledge, both from being a retired judge and living in Lewiston 25 years, that is needed to lead Lewiston to a better future. He understands the law and uses that knowledge to help the people in Lewiston get what they want and need.

Two of the most recent things he has done were working with citizens and the council to get the Lewiston library back on its feet. And he worked very hard to ensure Lewiston residents could exercise their right to vote on the multimillion-dollar wastewaste and water plant bonds.

This is the leadership we need on the Lewiston City Council and Bradbury is the man we can count on.

He has the long-standing reputation of listening to the people he serves, being well-informed on issues he is involved with, and not being biased in his decisions.

Please vote for John Bradbury for Lewiston City Council on Nov. 5. Your children and grandchildren will thank you for it.

LaFawn Hamm


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